Best Prayers for Baby in NICU

What can one do when a newborn is in NICU fighting for its life in the first few days of existence? Praying to the creator, giver, and protector of life is the wisest thing to do. You are not less of a guardian angel as you are here today praying for that defenseless baby lying there in the incubator, infant warmer or bed in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit because a particular condition is threatening its life.

When a baby is born, it truly brings so much joy and happiness to all and sundry because a new hope has been realized. But at joyful seasons like this, some situations may colour and alter the rejoicing and celebration because the child born has some complications. These complications may be mild or severe. No matter the degree of threat to the new baby’s well-being, praying for a baby in NICU is indeed worth every second spent on it.

You may be the lucky parent, or just a well-wisher with a golden heart, do not allow the present situation to puncture your joy because that’s exactly what gives pleasure to the devil. But gather the loins of your heart and mind and say these prayers for the baby in NICU for your little one with faith in your heart and watch your sweet baby respond to all care and treatment with great speed.

Dear reader, you may not have a child in the NICU but can send these prayers as messages to someone passing through the same situation. You can also say the prayers for baby in nicu on behalf of the parent as far as your heart is big enough to spread the love of Christ to others around you. Insert the name of the baby where appropriate if the baby already has one and if not just pray and see that mountain of sickness and disease melt before the power of faith in the name of Jesus.

1. Thanksgiving Prayers for Safe Delivery of Baby in NICU

Dear God, I thank you for the safe delivery of this sweet baby. Even, if there are some complications demanding that she stays in neonatal intensive care for some time, I know that you who began this good work will perfect everything in the name of Jesus. We give you thanks for this baby in the NICU for all things are working for her good.

I thank you that all the plans that the enemy had to kill this baby before birth has been thwarted and destroyed. Thank you for your mercy prevails and reigns supreme. We are grateful for the birth of this new baby into the world today.

Thank you, dear Father, for all the care that this baby is going through in the NICU will end up in good and not evil, and will produce joy and not sadness in the name of Jesus. Joy to the world for a new doer of God’s will is born in the name of Jesus.

2. Prayers for Safety for Baby in NICU

Lord of lords and King of kings, we put the safety of this precious baby in the NICU into your able hands oh Lord, keep him from evil. This little baby cannot protect itself from any form of evil. He cannot even suck his mother’s breast for nourishment, I pray that your strong hand, your victorious right hand will uphold this baby and keep him from the reach of death in the name of Jesus.

As the doctors and nurses work tirelessly to ensure health is restored to this new baby, let all they are doing be productive in the name of Jesus. the Lord God Almighty that kept the children of Israel from evil in the dangerous wilderness be on guard over this sweet little baby in NICU.

Guardian angels that never sleep nor slumbers keep watch over this new baby. This baby is kept safe and sound in the NICU in the name of Jesus.

3. Prayers of Comfort for Baby in NICU

Heavenly Lord, bless this new baby with comfort from within as she is passing through a challenging time in the NICU. She can not be held all the time by her parents. Her mother cannot put her to the breast as she desires, I pray that your warm arms of love be wrapped around this baby as she lies in the NICU in the name of Jesus.

I speak comfort that is from the realm of the heavens over you today to calm your nerves. Let peace like a river flood your whole being and calm you down in the name of Jesus.

Being a patient in the NICU is not fun and is not easy, I pray that you are helped and comforted by heavenly angels in the name of Jesus. As your parents and caregivers sing and speak to you, comfort and peace saturate you in the name of Jesus.

4. Prayers for Pediatric Doctor for Baby in NICU

I pray today for that amiable doctor who wars against sicknesses and death-threatening new babies in the NICU. Bless them in all that they do. Fill them with grace to do their job with skill and ease. Deliver them from all the assaults of the enemy because of the lives that they are fighting for.

Pediatric doctors are warriors in the neonatal units, fill them with your spirit of excellence from within. Teach them more about how best to care for the little lives they risk their own lives to save.

Keep their hearts and minds in perfect peace in the name of Jesus. keep and preserve all that concerns them. Do not allow the enemy to have power over their home, their marriages, and children in the name of Jesus.

As they go answer calls at odds and difficult times, keep them from hazards and accidents in the name of Jesus. bless their minds with brilliant ideas of how to save more lives in the name of Jesus.

5. Prayers for The New Baby’s Mom in the NICU

Lord, I commit the mom of this baby in the neonatal intensive care unit to your heavenly hands, help, comfort, and keep her. Even, if this baby is going through all the care he can get at this time, it is still very challenging especially emotionally and psychologically for the mother of the child.

Not being able to feel what the child is feeling and being almost totally clueless about how best to help the little baby feel better is most frustrating. But, you dear Lord, was tempted on all sides yet, without sin. Help this mother to go through this time trusting you all the way in the name of Jesus.

Strengthen her to stand strong for her baby, its siblings, and herself in the name of Jesus. help her to know you are the king over the storm and help her to be still and know that you are God in the name of Jesus.

Grant her peace to engage in other healthy activities that will help both her and her sweet little baby bond more in the name of Jesus. fill her heart with faith and love for all around her in the name of Jesus.

6. Prayers for Healing for a Jaundiced Newborn In NICU

Jesus, the true physician, heal this new baby of jaundice in the name of Jesus. Let your healing power and grace rest upon him. Let his mother’s breast milk flush out every trace of jaundice. Heal his blood and purify it in the name of Jesus.

It is said that jaundice heals off itself and there is no cause for alarm when a baby shows signs of it, so Lord, I declare, this lovely baby’s case is not an exception that will cause alarm in the name of Jesus.

As this baby goes through phototherapy, let his healing process be fast and quick, let every white and yellow spot clear off totally in the name of Jesus. I pray that this baby will recover very soon and fully that he may go home and enjoy the sweetness and warmth of his family.

7. Prayers for Faith for Parents of Baby In NICU

Lord, bless the parents of this baby in NICU today with great strength. Watch over them as they go through this trying season. Help them to take care of themselves while they are taking care of their baby. Do not allow them to slip into depression or frustration. Enable them to keep standing on your promise of life and peace in the name of Jesus.

Grant them peace to focus on your everlasting love and care. Dear Lord, you know and understand their heartache and anxiety as they wait to go home with their baby hale and hearty. I pray that their expectation and joy will not be cut short in the name of Jesus.

Guard their hearts against worry as they care for their baby in NICU. Keep faith and hope in the power of your name alive in their hearts. May they never lose their trust in you, Lord. Let this experience end up in resounding testimony for them in the name of Jesus.

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