Prayers in The Winter Season

The winter is upon us! It is a season when we remember the love of affection of our loved ones the most. Do you think it is because the harsh bite of cold on our skin and lungs makes us yearn strongly for the warmth of their love? Maybe or Maybe not. All the same dear reader, praying during the winter season is of utmost importance.

Prayer is a good companion in the winter either for yourself or a loved one. As beautiful as the season is, issues that plague the winter season range from sickness to getting caught in a snowstorm or being sick or caring for the sick at this time is prevalent and a bit more challenging because of the numerous limitations that accompany the season.

The wonderful winter season is characterized by amazing sights and great scenery. It is a season that welcomes the most amazing celebration time in the year; family dinners, exchange of gifts, visits and love is cultural. Yet, it is a time when sicknesses caused by cold germs, flu viruses, and stomach bugs are easily contracted from school classes to clustered offices. Swiping your hands over rail and table surfaces is more dangerous in winter. But God can protect us from them all.

Movement also in winter is also challenging either because of snowfalls or extreme difficulty as a result of acute cold. Staying indoors at times is the only choice when snow fills the road tracks in just a few hours. You must learn to take effective prayers for winter even before you start having challenges.

Prayers to Address Issues in the Winter Season

Heavenly Father, Maker of me and all men. You are the one who rides on the storm and the one who glides on the back of whirlwinds and hurricanes. I cry out to you today through these prayers in the winter season. The winter season is your creation, so it will not rule over or destroy me in the name of Jesus.

1. Prayer for Protection in Winter

I come before you today asking for your protection during this winter season. As I stand here in the midst of this snowstorm, I am humbled by the power of nature and the vastness of your creation. The snowflakes dance around me, swirling in the wind, and I am reminded of your infinite wisdom and creativity.

At this moment, I ask for your protection and guidance. Keep me safe as I navigate the treacherous conditions, and help me to stay calm and focused. As the scriptures say in Psalm 23: 4 “Even if I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I fear no evil for you are with me. Your rod and your staff they comfort me” so, dear Father, keep me from evil even in this terrible storm in the name of Jesus. Grant me the strength and courage to face any challenges that may come my way.

The weather looks menacing and threatening, Lord, keep and protect me. I pray that you would cover me with your divine protection

I ask for your mercy and compassion as this storm rages over me. Keep me Lord for I am stranded and I have nowhere to go. Wrap your everlasting arms of love and comfort around me, grant me faith to stay calm. Teach and instruct me as I try to keep safe. Provide all I need to stay safe and alive, dear Father.

Above all dear Lord, I offer profound gratitude As difficult as this situation is. I know as you are God in the beauty of sunshine, you are also God over this snowstorm. Thank you for keeping me in this trying time in Jesus name I pray, amen.

2. Prayer for Healing in Winter

Father of all times and seasons, I pray that your powerful hand will rest upon my flesh as my body fights sickness in this winter season. This time of year brings sicknesses and illness, but he that keeps Israel never sleeps nor slumbers. So I, hold on to your promise of life and I speak against sicknesses and diseases in my body in the name of Jesus.

I stand on the promise of the cross of Christ. I am healed by his stripes. Cold and viruses that move unseen in the cold weather, I have power over you. I speak the life of christ over every cell that has been affected in my body, receive life in the name of Jesus.

Shield me from any harmful germs or viruses that may be floating around. I ask that you would strengthen my immune system. Help my body to fight back infection and not just succumb to sickness in the name of Jesus. Grant me the wisdom and discipline to eat the right meal, engage in the right exercise and take the needful rest so that my body can come alive strongly in this winter time in the name of Jesus.

Peradventure, sickness even come down on me, give me boldness like the three Hebrew children who stood against king Nebuchadnezzar. I stand in your righteousness and peace, help my body to quickly recover in the name of Jesus. I am not sick or sickly in the name of Jesus.

3. Prayer for Safety in the Snow Storm

Dear God, I come to you today with a heavy heart as I face this snowstorm. It has destroyed a lot of things and property around us. I pray for the safety of myself and my loved ones in this raging storm.

As the mountains surround Jerusalem, surround us with your presence and protect us from harm as we navigate through the snow and ice. You are the Great Shepherd, Jesus, keep us safe from accidents and injuries and provide us with the resources and support we need to make it through this difficult time.

Help us to be prepared and vigilant, to take the necessary precautions, and to act with kindness and compassion towards one another. Give us the strength and courage to face any challenges that may come our way.

“I am the LORD, your Holy One, The Creator of Israel, your King.” Thus says the LORD, Who makes a way through the sea and a path through the mighty waters…” (Isaiah 43:15-16) I stand on this scripture Lord and I declare I am kept by your powerful hand in this snowstorm. I am not swallowed up and my valuables are kept in the name of Jesus.

May we emerge from this storm unscathed and with a renewed appreciation for the beauty and power of nature through the name of our Lord Jesus, amen.

4. Prayer for My Lost Dog in the Snow Storm

I come to you with a heavy heart, asking for your help in finding my beloved dog who is lost in the snow storm. I am filled with worry and fear for his well-being, and I ask that you guide him back to safety.

Please surround my dog with your love and protection, keeping him safe from harm and danger. Give him the strength and endurance to withstand the harsh weather conditions and find his way back to me.

I pray that you bring comfort and peace to my heart during this difficult time. Help me to remain strong and hopeful, trusting in your divine plan and your ability to bring my dog back to me. Help me to stand strong for my dog’s sake.

Send help to my dog from uncommon places. May he not fall into a ditch or pit where no one can see him. Give him the strength of heart to keep pushing until he gets to safety in the name of Jesus. Shield him from thieves and predators in the name of Jesus. Fill him with uncommon wisdom to get to safety in the name of Jesus.

I ask for your divine intervention and protection over my furry friend. Thank you for the unconditional love and companionship that my dog has provided me. Oh, I miss him so much and I pray that we will be reunited soon, safe and sound. Thank you, Jesus for your endless love and for always being there for us in times of need.

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