Effective Prayers for My Attorney

An attorney is a special person. You’ve hired them to help you and they’re doing their best to get you to a better position on the case they are handling for you.

They need help, support and understanding as well. Show your appreciation with a nice note, flowers, and a thank you card. apart from all these, as a believer in Christ, it is expedient you should also bless them with some prayers too.
when they are in the right frame physically and otherwise, they find it easy to serve you better. At times, an attorney can become a close friend to the family, they should be always treated with honour and respect. It must not also be forgotten that their job also put them at risk and danger that they may not be aware off; so praying for them and their family is very much in tune.

Dear reader, take your time to go through these effective prayers for my attorney and picture your own attorney as you pray. you can even insert their name where applicable.

1. Effective Prayer of Safety My Attorney

Dear God, I pray this day for my attorney that you will keep him safe in all his endeavours. You will keep him from the evil ones, from them that hate him. I pray that you will preserve him in all his going out and his coming in. Even as he continues to stand to ensure that justice is rightly served, he is kept safe. He is kept safe from the onslaught of those who would like to pervert justice. I pray that you will preserve him as he continues to stand for righteousness in this crooked and perverse generation. I pray that the light of God surrounds him, the love of God enfolds him, the power of God protects him and the presence of God watches over him. Dear Father, you know that he is set in the midst of so many and great dangers, grant him such strength and protection, to support him in all danger, and carry him through all temptations in Jesus name.

2. Effective Prayer for Good Clients My Attorney

Heavenly Father, I pray for my attorney that you will bless him with good clients. You will direct his path to cross with persons with favourable cases. I pray that your favour will be so evident around him and will dispel evil clients who seek to ruin his career and destroy him. Father, I pray that you will help him to be more sensitive to his client’s needs and more responsive to their wants and desires, help him to serve them better. Father guide him to always keep your Word in his Spirit and on his lips. Father, keep his paths straight. Father, make him a good listener, so that he may hear, understand, and then act on what the customer needs, and wants. Father, help him to see that the needs of customers are met. Show him those who will benefit from his service in Jesus name.

3. Effective Prayer for Wisdom and Skill My Attorney

Lord Jesus, I pray for my attorney that you would grant unto him the wisdom and skill required to be an excellent lawyer. You will grant him wisdom to navigate aright even in the hardest of cases. You will grant unto him the necessary skill to present his cases properly before the judge. Father, I know that nothing is impossible for you. I pray that you help him keep his job and allow him to outperform beyond expectation. Father, I pray that your Spirit will speak words of wisdom and guidance over his life. Father, I pray that you will be with him, help him speak the right words, make the right choices, and choose the right opportunities. As the writer of Ecclesiastes says there is a time for everything, help him recognize the seasons in his life so he can apply his heart to wisdom. Father, I pray that you teach him good time management in Jesus name.

4. Effective Prayer for Good Health My Attorney

Father, I pray for my attorney that you will grant unto him good health in his body and in his mind. His body is strengthened even in all that he does. I pray that neither sickness nor death is his portion. His body is kept from every accident or evil, whether major or minor, wherever he goes. Father, I pray that you will order his steps aright to be at the right places and at the right time. You will help him to be discerning and sensitive to times and seasons. Father, I pray that you will grant unto my attorney soundness of mind. His mind will not break down in any way rather it becomes better and sharper. Father, I pray for him for strength in body and mind and spirit and keeping his connection with God, keeping love, joy and hope in his heart even as he deals with any difficult situation in Jesus name.

5. Effective Prayer of Peace for My Attorney

Dear Jesus, I pray for my attorney and his family. I declare that there is peace in his family, with his wife and children. I pray that there will be no cause for strife and contention in that family. His marriage is blessed and preserved. I pray that the devil has no hold in his family, not on his spouse nor on his children. His children will not depart from the way of righteousness in which they have been trained. They will not be swayed by the evil and decadence in this generation. Wherever they go, they prosper and they do well. They are known to stand for righteousness no matter the circumstance. I pray for every single member of his family that they are kept safe. His family is preserved from sickness and death. Their going out and coming in is secured. By reason of his association with me, himself and every member of his family experience peace all the days of their life in Jesus name.


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