Powerful and Effective Birth Control Prayers

God is interested in every detail of our lives. I know that belief in your heart, dear reader, is why you are here today seeking guidance and direction on birth control plans, safety, and execution through taking these birth control prayers.
Many do not think it necessary to involve God in such flimsy matters, but you are here today because you are meticulous, a faithful child, and the almighty God. As much as one must seek medical advice on birth control plans, it is of greater importance to ask our omnipotent and omniscient God, who not only created both medical practitioners but also gave birth control wisdom.
God has his natural way of helping women with birth control – active breastfeeding. Although this only works for some women, it doesn’t apply to others. For those women who have natural birth control technology in their system, as long as they are breastfeeding actively, they will never ovulate, and their menstruation will never resume. Before the discovery of birth control pills, injections and coils, this is the best way women space their children.
Even if the birth control methods we have today have a very high rate of success, we cannot erase the very few percentages that develop complications, and some even fail out rightly. It is wise to pray that you will not be part of the very few percentages that will not have it successfully.
But I assure you that as you take these birth control prayers, you will experience a painless and successful birth control process in Jesus name.

Powerful Prayers Before Birth Control

Lord, I bow my knees in adoration of your holy name today. Please, dear God, I pray that these birth control prayers will work wonders in my life in the name of Jesus.

1. Thanksgiving Prayer for Fertility

Lord, I bless you for making me fertile in my body and able to bear children. If I am infertile, I would not be thinking of birth control. Thank you for the mercy that has made me fruitful in childbearing. I also appreciate you, Lord, for the wisdom of planning my family size. Thank you, Lord, for giving me the wisdom and boldness to do this; there are many who desire this, but ignorance and fear have had a better part of them. Thank you for all the love and care that I am receiving presently. I pray that you will help me live my life to your glory in the name of Jesus.

2. Prayer for Proper Direction for Birth Control Plan

Lord, I know that birth control is not a big deal. But I know that Satan can hide in minute issues and blow it beyond proportion. Lord, I commit myself as I am embarking on the family planning journey; I pray that you will give me direction.
This led me to choose the best birth control plan that is okay for my body. Give me insight into understanding the pros and cons of each birth control option. I don’t want to choose out of fear. I don’t want other people’s experiences to be my guiding light.
Just as you direct the rivers on the right course, direct and lead me on this birth control journey in the name of Jesus. No matter how painful the best one seems, help me accept the doctor’s choices as the God-given choice in the name of Jesus.

Effective Prayer During Birth Control

Lord Jesus, I thank you for leading me thus far. This birth control journey has been you all the way. As I am going in for the implementation, as I take these birth control prayers during this implantation, let your presence be with me in Jesus name.

3. Prayer Against Birth Control Complication

Father, let this process of birth control go well in Jesus name. As I take these birth control prayers, I pray that you will work through all the nurses and doctors to ensure the whole process is free of any kind of complication. Lord, I have heard that a small percentage of people develop some severe side effects as a result of prolonged use of birth control pills or because of some existing health challenges.
Well, I do not care about any of the above traumas that some people go through because they engage in using birth control mechanisms to prevent pregnancy. That is why I commit my life to your able hands today, Lord Jesus; help my body to align perfectly with the birth control plan that my doctor deems fit for my body in the name of Jesus.
O, I decree and declare that cardiovascular problems are not my portion in the name of Jesus. The Lord and all the blessings that follow him are my inheritance in the name of Jesus. My body, you will never allow any kind or string of cancer to thrive in any cell of my body in the name of Jesus. The power of life at work in my body makes all my body organs work perfectly despite the presence of birth control. My heart, liver, breast, bones, ovaries, and fallopian tubes are preserved in the name of Jesus.

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