Healing Prayers for My Nephew

Everyone desires to be healthy and be free from any form of sickness. This desire also extends to seeing our loved ones living in sound health.

The truth is, God wants us to live in sound health, that is why he has made provision for our healing in him. All we need do is to believe in Him and tap into this available grace.

I understand the feelings of seeing your loved ones struggling helplessly with sickness, you would want to do everything within your ability, including praying, to see them become better again.

Personally, I am wowed that you came here in search of healing prayers for your sick nephew. This act of love you have shown is a rear one. May you also never lack love when it’s most needed.

Now that you are here, feel free to use this powerful healing prayers for your sick nephew. Pray and believe.

1. Heavenly Father, creator of the universe. Thank you for the life you’ve given to us. Father, it is said in your word that whatever we ask in your name you will do, that is why I have come before you today concerning my nephew, grant him divine healing. Restore your healing back to his body system. Father put the devil to shame over his life. This I ask in your name. Amen.

2. Dear Lord, Thank you for your love and mercy over us. Thank you lord for your loving kindness and protection. Thank you lord for your promises of sound health. I pray dear lord for my sick nephew, I ask that you show your supremacy over his health. May your healing balm brought about his healing this moment. Let your peace reign in his body system. I put an end to evil activities causing sickness in his life. This I ask in your glorious name. Amen.

3. Eternal Father, thank you lord for your unfailing love, thank you for your mercy that endures for ever. Lord, I believe that healing is in your hands and with you everything is possible. I come before you today on behalf of my sick nephew, I pray that by your mercy you will restore his health. May your promises of sound health be fulfilled in his life. Father give us the cause to glorify your name over his life. This we ask in your glorious name. Amen.

4. Sweet Lord, king of glory. Thank you for your compassion over us. Thank you for the provision of our sound health in you. Lord, I believe in your healing power and I know you are still doing miracles even more than the time past. I therefore pray that by your healing power, I ask that you restore your peace back to my nephew. Let him be healed physically, spiritually, emotionally and mentally. Breath into him your healing breathe. This we ask in your name. Amen.

5. Abba Father, we worship you for today. Thank you for all you’ve done for us. Lord I pray that by your mercy, you grant my sick nephew sound health. May he receive your strength from above. Father I ask that you show him your compassion prove yourself as God in his life. Whatever it is that is hindering his healing, lord we ask for your mercy. May you grant him a quick recovery and perfect his healing. This we ask in your name. Amen.

6. Sweet Jesus, thank you for your mercy. Thank you for your loving kindness. Lord we worship you, may your name alone be praised. I decree the healing of my nephew this day, I ask for a divine healing from above, grant this unto him by your mercy. May you baptize him with your strength from above and let the devil be put to shame over his life. Lord may we have every reason to bless your name. This I ask in your name. Amen.

7. Dear Lord, thank you for today, thank you for the health of my sick nephew, thank you for your fulfilment of your promises over his health. Lord, I decree today that you will grant him quick recovery, every medications and treatments work effectively. I pray that you bring him out of this present situation hale and healthy that his healing may be perfect in you. Let your name alone be glorified. This I ask in your name. Amen.

8. I pray for you today, may you receive the strength of God. May the peace of God beginning to reign in your body. This I ask in Jesus name. Amen.

9. May the peace of dwell in your body today, May God stretch fort his healing hands and heal you completely. May the devil be put to shame and the name of Jesus alone be glorified.

10. This day I declare into your life sound health. May the promises of God concerning our health be fulfilled in your life. This I ask in your name. Amen.

11. Sweetie, I pray for you today, that the lord will restore your health. May the grace of God be sufficient for you. By his stripes you are made whole. you just believe in him.

12. The word of the lord says whatever we ask in his name you will do for us, therefore I declare into your life today total healing. May you be healed completely.

13. Darling, I curse the root of everything causing pain or discomfort in your body system this hour, may an end come to their existence in your life today. May you receive you divine healing.

14. May the peace of the lord continue to dwell in your body system. May an end come to any form of pain you. May the glory of the lord begin to shine in your life.

15. May you be strengthened of God. May God stretch out is healing hands on you and may you receive your total healing. The peace of God will reign with you.

16. My dear, the peace of God will be restored to every part of your body and you’ll be healed completely again. May you receive calmness in your body system.

17. Sweetheart, I declare healing into your life. May you have freedom from any form of sickness today. May the peace of God continue to reign in your body.

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