Prayers for Eye Surgery to Be Successful

The light of the body is the eye, and it is a terrible thing when darkness falls upon it. Sicknesses that affect the eye threaten the normalcy of ones’ life; therefore, one must not take it lightly. Although your eye is infected with a serious disease that requires surgery, and that is why praying is most important to ensuring a successful eye surgery.

Sickness is not comely to the body at all, even for small organs like the eyes. Eye defects can end up in partial or total blindness if not well taken care of. I can assure you, the fear of going through surgery is not the solution but placing the whole process accurately into God’s hands is the wisest thing to do even before the medical process commences.

Eye surgeries can range from simple corrective processes to other serious eye treatments like glaucoma or retinal reorders. Whether minor or major, every eye surgery is extremely delicate, so any mistake or error can be very costly. As a believer, it is important to commit this process to God’s hands, who is the maker and creator of all humankind.

As delicate as an eyes surgery, many are going through it to correct eye problems and defects. Yet, we must not be ignorant of the devices of the enemy, believe me, you can never pray too much for the smooth execution of an eye operation.

Sincerely, no one should remain with the helpless feelings accompanying blurry vision and pain in the eyes. Anyone with eye issues should seek medical attention and stop at nothing to help the eye function brightly and sharply as God has ordained it to be.

Have you gone through some unsuccessful eye surgeries? Maybe you have spent quite a fortune because you intend to avert the surgery. Yours may even be hereditary or congenital. I bring good news to you today that the Lord God Almighty is mighty to save, and he has come to save you in particular.

Do not look far for salvation; let your heart look unto Jesus, the author and finisher of your faith. Just say the prayers below for yourself or your loved ones who need to go through eye surgery.

Powerful Prayers for Successful Eye Operation

1. When the end of a matter is known, thanksgivings abound. I enter your gates with thanks this day and your courts with praise because this eye surgery will be successful on all sides. My eyes are about to experience the resurrection power of Jesus. I thank you, Jesus, for your grace that has brought the promise of your love. I trust in you, Jesus, for my sight is secured in your name. Thanks be to your holy name forever.

2. Father of Lights, I bless you today because I was not born blind. Thank you for creating me in the perfection of your image and likeness. I pray that your mercy will overshadow this sickness threatening my sight. I declare that you will shine your light into the hearts of all the doctors and nurses to treat my eyes and make my sight perfect again in the name of Jesus.

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3. Here I am at your feet, dear God. Bless the ophthalmologists and nurses with great wisdom and skill to be able to work on my eyes. You are the God of perfection. Help them and prevent them from making any mistake in my eyes, whether little or serious. Let your spirit lead and guide them all the way. The eye is delicate help them to take the greatest care that there will be no damage whatsoever to my eyes.

4. The watchman wakes but in vain when the Lord does not guide a city; Father, help the ophthalmologist in charge of my case know what to do every step of the way. I pray that confusion is far from all the medical personnel and caregivers. Fill them with mercy and compassion. Let my situation make them know that you are my father and you rule in the affairs of men in the name of Jesus.

5. Jesus, have mercy on me. I know you are with me, but I am still afraid. My heart pounds and trembles with the fear of this eye surgery process; I beg that you wrap your calming arm of comfort around me this minute and dissolve every fear and disbelieve. I hold on to your words that say, ‘you will be with me always even unto the end of the age’. My heart receives peace to remain stayed on your awesomeness. I silence the voice of fear in my heart now!

6. Thank you, Jesus, for the mercy of provision for this eye surgery. I speak against lack through this operation process. I receive provision for all that is needed to engender to the success of this surgery. As the angel of God attended Elijah’s needs bringing him provision for his journey, I received adequate provision for the journey of this surgery. I will not be stranded in the name of Jesus.

7. I am blessed beyond a curse, for I am the child of the King of kings. As I go to the hospital for eye surgery, I find favour before all persons there. As people see me, they will see an object of mercy and favour. Right from the security at the gate, I am separated unto goodness and mercy. Lord, use my situation as a mark that you, oh Lord, are a God of favour and mercy. When people hear or see my case, they will be encouraged to put their trust in God.

8. I pray, Lord, for strength for my body to go through this eye surgery. My eyes or any part of my body will not crash in the process of the operation. Lord, I commit my body unto your holy hands for grace to go through in the name of Jesus. All these I ask in the name of your holy son Jesus.

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