Prayer for My Sister Having Surgery (Before and After)

The process of surgery whether major or minor can be unsettling. Praying for your sister during this trying season in which she has to go through surgery is very kind of you. Being sick is difficult, going through surgery is more challenging. Let us pray for that sweet sister of yours to go through this difficult time and come out strong and victorious.

Some situations defy treatment and surgery is the only option for life to be saved. Such time must not be seen as the end of life but as a time when God wants to show his mercy in a slightly different way. I assure you, even in this the Lord will take all the glory. We must not in any way surrender to the will and wiles of the enemy concerning our lives. Our surrender must be to Jesus, our maker and keeper, who can deliver from the snare of the fowler – he will deliver your sister swiftly.

The Lord has enlightened the medicals to be able to save lives to a very large extent, your sister’s life will not be an exception. The Lord will work through them the same way he did through Moses in parting the Red Sea and through the hands of the early Apostles to heal the sick and diseased in those days. That power of God is still very much available and effective if only you pray with great faith in your heart.

Believe me, your sister’s life is precious in God’s sight and he needs you to stand in the gap and intercede to defeat the threat of the enemy in her life. Bow your heart and use these most effective ‘prayers for my sister going into surgery’ to destroy the power of death over your darling sister.

These prayers are great for a successful surgery for your sister, even if she’s having a heart surgery.

1. Thanksgiving Prayer for My Sister Having a Surgery

My Lord and God, I thank you for your mercies upon my family and my sister in particular. Thank you for giving my sister life and for your mercy abounding in her life. I bless you because the enemy has been put to shame already in my sister’s life. This surgery will be fully successful in the name of Jesus and all the praise and glory will be to your holy name.

As my sister prepares for this surgery, I thank you for filling my sister with great faith that her life is secured in you. Thank you, Lord, for hiding her life in Christ and God. I thank you dear Lord that no harm major or minor will come to her in the name of Jesus.

Lord I thank you for you have sent your angels to prepare the doctors and nurses for the success of this surgery in the name of Jesus. where they have failed before, they will record great success in my sister’s life in the name of Jesus. I bless your name that you will be there through the whole process and your life energy will not leave my sister’s body until her complete health is restored in the name of Jesus.

I appreciate your holy name Jesus because you will use my sister’s situation to prove that you are a living God to all the nurses, doctors, and other people around in the name of Jesus. Lord, I bless you for the last-minute miracle you will perform in my sister’s life.

2. Prayer for Strong Faith for My Sister Going into Surgery

Lord, please wrap your eternal arms around my sister today as she goes into the operation room. Fill her heart with faith and hope that anchors behind the veil. Keep her heart from wavering in the name of Jesus.

Bless her heart to continually keep her gaze on you, not on the injections and scary medical equipment and gadgets that will be all around her. Help her faith to be resolved and stayed on you.
Silence the voice of the enemy in her mind. I banish every evil thought around her in the name of Jesus. Jesus the Good Shepherd fill my sister’s heart with your sweet voice of peace and comfort.

Holy Spirit fights every unbelieving thought that may try to shake my sister’s faith during this operation in the name of Jesus. Let the thoughts of how successful the whole process will be, fill her heart through and through in the name of Jesus.

3. Prayer for Surgeons Operating on My Sister

Lord, the heart of a king is in your hands and like a river of water, you direct it where you will. I pray that you guide the heart and hands of the surgeons throughout the whole process in the name of Jesus. Fill them with wisdom, skill, and dexterity to get everything to precision in the name of Jesus.

Lord, I pray for my sick sister today that you will use the doctors and nurses in the operation room to bring her back to perfect health in the name of Jesus. help them to see what they need to see and bless them with the grace to remove anything disturbing my sister’s health in the name of Jesus.

Father, I pray that your presence will fill the operation room and dispel any spirit of death as the doctors work on my sister in the name of Jesus. The doctors and nurses’ hands are filled with life that as they touch my sister, life will be worked into her body in the name of Jesus.

4. Prayer for My Sister in Recovery after a Surgery

Dear sister, as you are recovering in the hospital after this surgery, the warmth of the Lord envelops you this minute. I pray that the victory that the Lord has worked in your life is perfected in the name of Jesus.

You are helped to keep your heart on the Lord till you come out of that bed and hospital fully restored in the name of Jesus. your faith is established and your healing is sure in the name of Jesus. I pray that every cell, tissue, and organ in your body respond to life in the name of Jesus. Death and all its cohorts lose their grip over you in the name of Jesus.

Your body and mind are helped to rest in the peace of the Lord for fast and total recovery. All the drugs and treatment you’ve been given works for the good of your body. Any implant or medication does not react against your health but works unto life in your body in the name of Jesus.

5. Prayer of Protection for My Sister During and after a Surgery

Darling Sis, I pray that the Heavenly Father protects your life from harm as you go into this surgery section in the name of Jesus. The Lord keeps you from the assaults of the enemy. He prepares and makes everything work for your good in the name of Jesus.

My sister is the apple of God’s eye and remains untouchable to the devil in the name of Jesus. I lift you, sweet sister, into the hands of the Lord who treasures you so much and loves you with eternal love, you are delivered from the claws of death in the name of Jesus. The Lord God Himself keeps watching over you when all eyes are weak and sleepy.

The Lord keeps my sister in His secret place after this surgery. the name of the Lord shall be your refuge and stay; your feet are not moved. I pray for you dear sis that the Lord becomes your very present help in times of trouble. You are kept from evils of all kinds in the name of Jesus.

6. Prayer of Provision for My Sister before and after a Surgery

Lord, I commit my beautiful sister to your hands that you will provide for her this season of her surgery when she is going through weakness and pain. She totally relies on your help and provision as she cannot provide all she needs for this surgery.

Father, bless her with favour before man that many will rise to her aid in the Jesus. you Lord provided for the need of the whole nation Israel, provide for my sister’s surgery through and through in Jesus name.

Although, this time is tough for my sister, provide succor for her on all sides in the name of Jesus. Fill the hearts of all the medical team with mercy and compassion to treat my sister like they themselves will want to be treated in the name of Jesus. You are the doer of all good things, bring your good to my sister in the name of Jesus. We receive the provision of all she needs both cash and kind in the name of Jesus.

7. Prayer against Complications for My Sister in Surgery

Lord of Host, protect my sister from any kind of complications as she goes through this surgery. I pray that all the process of the surgery will go well in the name of Jesus. As my sister is being prepped for the theatre, the Lord helps the medical personnel to prepare her body, all the equipments, gadgets, and engines to perfect conditions in the name of Jesus.

No mistake will be discovered in the theatre in the name of Jesus. Give all the medical personnel wisdom to be able to make the perfect judgment as they are working on her in the name of Jesus. The spirit of error and mistakes is banished from the operation room in the name of Jesus.

Let the light of the Lord govern the hearts and minds of everyone in the operation room including my sister. We give no place to the enemy before, during, and after the surgery in the name of Jesus. We experience peace before and after the surgery, our peace is not shaken in the name of Jesus

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