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Prayers for Open Heart Surgery for My Dad

Are you seeking  the most appropriate prayers for open heart surgery for dad or a loved one? You are in the right place. Praying for your father or loved one who is about to undergo an open heart surgery is both brave and very important thing to do. Thank you for standing strong for your dad at this time when he needs a surgery to save his life.

An open-heart surgery is one of the scariest surgeries that one can go through. Through prayer, you can help your dad survive this delicate operation process.

This post caters for prayers you can take before the surgery begins and some you can pray as the surgery is on. Finally, it covers prayers for your dad while he is recovering too.

Just bow your head and heart to the creator of the universe and commit your dad or that your loved and say amen to all these prayers for open heart surgery for my dad and receive him back hale and hearty in the name of Jesus.

Heart Surgery Prayers for My Father

Lord, I am grateful that I am alive today to stand in for my dad as he is about to go into a heart surgery. I pray that as I say these powerful  prayers for open heart surgery for my dad, your mercy will make all things work together for his good and secure his life in your mercy in the name of Jesus, amen.

Prayer Before Surgery

1. Prayer of Thanksgiving

Dear Lord, I thank you for the gift of life, for your mercy over Daddy, may your name be glorified. I wholeheartedly give you thanks for you have reason for allowing this which is to show forth you glory; to deride the enemy and his host. In this my heart is full of thanksgiving for I know that daddy is whole again, hallelujah!

Thank you Lord for as he prepares for the surgery, you have gone before him to the theatre, you have prepared the vessel you want to use which is the surgeon to dexterously carry out the operation. Thank you Lord for the peace that passes all understanding you have given to us and daddy according to your word in Philippians 4:7 birthed by the faith we have in your word, for we know that your words are true and Yea and Amen.

Thank you Lord for provisions from south, west, east and north in time like this, for he would have enough to spend. Thank you Lord for raising and sending to him men as Angels who have served as goads even when his faith is swamping. Amen.

2. Prayer for Financial Provision

My heart is full of thanksgiving to you O Lord for Daddy, because, according to your word in Philippians 4:19, that God will supply all his needs. I pray O Lord that his needs are met in this time, for to pay all required bills. Lord, you will raise and send benignant and compassionate helpers from west , south, east and north that will succor the tension of the bills. O Lord, cause daddy’s heart to be fixed on you for help financially in this time, cause him to see what you can do above his lacks and vehemently hold on to it. The Lord will stir the heart of both young and old who will give willingly and tirelessly. Lord, there will be abundant of provision before, during and after the surgery. The Lord will by mercy provide for every willing heart to give effortlessly, they will not go downhill as a result of the their giving. Their cups will not run dry, their cups will be full of wine, faith will also arise in their heart as they give, they will not give out of pity, but with the hope that God will use the money to safe daddy from the claws of heart disease. Thank you O God that this and many more you will do. Amen.

3. Prayer for Competent and Professional Surgeon

Father, I thank you for the provision of competent and professional surgeon who didn’t just go to school but who also has been schooled in grace. I pray that Lord will will send to him adroit and skillful surgeon who understands the sensitivity of every organs in the body. I pray for surgeon who has been favoured by God to know what to do, how to do and when to do. I pray for that daddy receives favour in the sight of the surgeon. I pray for tenderhearted surgeon who will feel the his pains and every cries of his heart. I pray for Surgeon who will be gracious with every activities that will performed in the theater. I pray for the one who will agree with you for you to work through him. I pray O Lord for cooperative surgeon who will synergistically work with every personnel in the theater to give soundness to daddy again. I pray that Lord will work with everyone of them, from least to the highest ranking personnel in the theater. I thank you because you have heard my heart cry. Amen.

During the Surgery

4. Prayer of Faith to Sail Through the Surgery

I thank you for mercy unto believing that daddy has received from you our God. I pray that faith is arisen in his heart to see what you can do. I pray that he would see even beyond that you can do it to you have done it. I pray that you will quicken his understanding to know and agree that his healing is perfected in your son Jesus Christ. I pray that you will help him to see beyond his present pains and agony and believe in your testimony. I pray that he would not stagger in what you have said concerning his health, he would not doubt your words. I pray that you will create around him faith tub-thumper events and men that will help him in this time. I pray for mercy to keep believing even when there are roaring that could swamp his faith. I pray that Lord will equip his heart with abundant knowledge that will strengthen him in the course of the operation. I thank you my Father because it is done. Amen.

5. Prayer against Complications in The Theatre

Dear Lord, I thank you for the ongoing surgery process of daddy. I pray against any form of complications in this time of surgery. I come against any form of chest wound infection that could happen in the course of operation. The surgeon will be so meticulous in the process of cutting and suturing. Lord will grace to the personnel in the operating room, they will not be nonchalant, apathetic, incurious and casual they will be apt. I come against every attitude that could result to complication; every manner and conduct that will not allow God to work through them. The surgeon and every personnel will be humble to work together, they would not see themselves, their experiences, achievements, they will lay them to see you O God. Every medications given to him such as anesthesia to sedate him will work perfectly in his body. I declare that you will keep his spirit, soul and body in this time. He will not be too weak sail through the operation, the strength of God will be sufficient for him. I thank you O Lord Mercy for him. Amen.

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Prayer after Surgery

6. Prayer against Complications after surgery

Dear Lord, I vehemently appreciate you for the success of the surgery, your name is highly glorified. According to your word in Nahum 1:9 that affliction shall not arise the second time, Lord, I put and end to any form of affliction in spirit, soul and body. I decree that you are permanently set free because the son Jesus Christ has set you. I speak against every reactant in your body as a result of this operation to cease. You will not experience any memory loss, stroke, blood clot, irregular heart beat that might exhume after operation, your body is strong against those reactions. I declare your whole bodies are preserved in God by his Son Jesus Christ. I decree that you are ten thousand stronger than before. Your body will work normally, function better, because it was not just human surgeon that operate you, the host of heaven joined their forces, so your bodies work immaculately, impeccably and perfectly. I decree and declare, no issues of any kind, little or high. I trust you for him that you will grant him grace to be disciplined to abstain from what can bring about complications after the surgery. He would not be nonchalant about his health. He would be so disciplined to deny himself from what he wants or feel like eating or taking that will affect his body. I thank you, O God, because this and many you will do, and he will testify to your goodness in Jesus’ name. Amen.

7. Prayer for Quick Recovery

Dear Lord, I thank you for the success of the operation, thank you for restoring the life of daddy. I appreciate you for the surgeon and every medical personnel you used for him in the theatre, may you be highly exalted forever. Lord, you that begin a good work can bring it to perfection. In light of this, I pray for a quick recovery for daddy, his muscles receive life again. I pray against tremors that could cause death after surgery. Every bone and organ in your body receive the life of God for quick recovery. Every food, water, drink, and medication you take henceforth will nippily and quickly work in your body. They will greatly tremendously contribute to your revitalization. God will help to deny harmful substances that would slow your recovery. I decree and declare that in a short time, you will bounce healthily and valiantly. Thank you God for the success hitherto, may your beautiful and wonderful name be glorified and greatly exalted. In this, I know that you have heard us and you will bring them to performance in Jesus’ name, Amen.