Prayers during Separation

Irrecoverable mistakes have been made; regrettable words spilled as you go through separation from your spouse; it is still time to look up to the Lord for his mercies endures forever. he is the only one who can turn this sorrow into joy and he alone has the power to bring beauty out of this ashes. He will recover all the years that the enemy has stolen from you and your mourning will be exchanged for rejoicing. And stand with you when all seems to be lost.
No one looks forward to divorce. Rosy promises are flushed down the drain and hearts are shattered with pain, guilt, and unrealized dreams. Yet, you must look up to the Lord for he is your succor. Most times, when couples get to the point, all sense of hope or recovery are totally out of reach. Both seem to be unable to see any good in the other.
It could be you going through this time, or a loved one. You can say the prayers below in faith or send them as messages that light may break out of darkness and the glory of God will shine forth.

1. Everlasting God, I bring praises to your name today, thank you for my life. Lord, thank you for your faithfulness, they are new every morning.
2. Lord, my marriage is breaking apart, and there seems to be nothing that I have done that has worked positively. I pray Lord that you come to my aid in the name of Jesus.
3. Although my spouse promised to be with me in trouble, to stand by me when the times are rough, I believe that only God can keep His word. I ask for your unfailing love to be with me in the name of Jesus.
4. Open my eyes to see what I should see. Help me not to be blinded by pain, sorrow, and disappointment in the name of Jesus.
5. Restore my judgment and fill me with your light in this dark time. Help me to know what to do in this confusing situation.
6. Lord, my marriage is failing already, even if I am still trusting that it will be saved, help me not to go down with it in the name of Jesus.
7. During this season of separation from the one I love so much, I declare, the Lord is my light and my salvation, a very present help in times of trouble.
8. Your word in Psalm 126:1 says when the Lord turned again the captivity of Zion, they were like them that dreamt. Lord let this nightmare be over I ask for the breaking of a new day please let my story be like the story of Zion, restore my husband to me again, amen.
9. The heart of a king is in the hands of the Lord, he directs it wherever he wishes. I pray Lord that you direct the heart of my husband towards me in Jesus name amen.
10. Dear Lord, as thoughts are ravaging my husband’s mind, I ask dear Lord that every voice against your will for my marriage in his mind will wane and let him hear your voice only, amen.
11. My heart, I speak to you be quiet, every thought that fights my victory and every thought that doubts his word. The voice of a stranger I no longer understand the voice of the Lord prevails over my marriage, amen.
12. Lord, you said in your word that those who put their trust in you will not be ashamed I pray Lord God concerning my marriage situation let me not be ashamed restore my husband to me in Jesus name, amen.
13. Lord, separation is not part of your will for marriage, your will is that two become One. I asked Lord, that this will not be truncated. I receive my husband back to me by your mercies in Jesus name, amen.
14. Devil you cannot have my marriage, amen.
15. Comfort me with your whispers of love this is more than I can bear help me, my father, amen.
16. Lord, you’re all I want you’re all I ever needed just help me know you are near, amen.
17. Lord, rid my husband’s heart of hurt and offenses and let it not spring forth to become a root of bitterness, melt his heart towards me, amen.
18. I wait on you Lord in this season renew my strength like that of the Eagle. Help me not to be tired, help me not to be wearied, I look up to you for strength, amen.
19. Love is the greatest force that can turn the world around, and it can turn any man too. True love does not give up. Help my husband to see the need to fight for our marriage in Jesus name, amen.
20. You can do exceedingly and abundantly above all I can ask for. I look up to you Lord for your divine intervention beyond I can imagine save my marriage Lord, save my marriage in Jesus name, amen.

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