Prayers for My Teenage Driver

This is one of the most important prayers of any 21-century parent or guardian. Having your teenager alone behind wheels means so much. Since, you can’t be there to watch and guide, you must just pray to God to watch over your teenager driver and release his cloud of safety over them.
The liberty that your teenager can now officially drive comes with mixed feelings. First, you are no longer bound to take them everywhere they need to be driven to. That means for the first time in a long time, you are free from babysitting!

On the other hand, they now have the autonomy to the wheels and any mistake or wrong judgment can cause fatal accidents that may put lives in danger; including theirs. This reality sends cold shivers down the spine of any parent or guardian.
Say this prayer for my teenage driver for any teen or young adult driver around you for we know that Satan, the enemy moves around like a roaring lion seeking whom to devour. Pray that your teen will not be prey to the influence of the enemy in the name of Jesus.

Send the prayer points for my teenage driver to them as early morning messages when they need to take the car out. Release the watch of angels over your teenage driver in the day and night by faith as you say the prayers below.

1. Thanksgiving for My Teenage Driver

Thank you, Jesus, for helping my teenager to pass driving lessons, although, it’s been a bit tedious it was worth all the wait. I appreciate you for giving my teen the boldness and calmness to learn all the necessary skills needed.
We are indeed grateful that from today, my teen will be able to drive. We will not need to drive him around town, at least he has the autonomy to take the car out to less busy highways. I also appreciate you dear God that when he has enough boldness to drive on the big and busy highways, you Lord will be his shield and buckler.
Thank you, Dear God, because I will not sorrow over this one in the name of Jesus. Thank you, Lord, for infusing him to grace to always drive safely and you will keep him from the reach of evil at all times in the name of Jesus.
Now, that my teen can drive, many eyes will notice him more than before, but I bring praise to your holy name for you will keep and deliver my teenage driver from negative influences. I am grateful for total separation from friends and peers that can put bad ideas like car racing and the likes into his head.
I receive mercy for him that he is surrounded with God-fearing friends who will encourage him to always do the right thing whether someone is watching or not. Thank you, Lord, for my teenage driver will not die but live in the name of Jesus.

2. Prayer for Safety for My Teenage Driver

Lord, protect of the heavens and earth; you who never sleeps nor slumbers, protect my teenage driver and keep him safe. Keep my teenage driver safe from the perils of the road in the day or night. Guide him from evils that lurk in corners of the highway in the name of Jesus. Lord, do not allow my teenage driver to drive into the snare of the enemy.
Dear God I beg you, please, protect my child from inexperienced drivers who don’t know how to drive properly, drunk drivers, dangerous and aggressive drivers, and others who cause accidents. I pray for your protection and safety for my teen driver as they drive down the highway today. Lord, protect his vehicle from mechanical problems such as flat tires or engine issues. Keep other cars from hitting my child’s car from behind in the name of Jesus.

God, please keep my teen safe. Let him notice cars pulling in and out of driveways. May he realize that driving requires total attention and that his cell phone should be put away when driving. In the dark of night may he see the light and avoid all hazards along the way. Protect my teen so that he can live a long and happy life!
He that dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the almighty. I will say of the Lord, he is my refuge and my fortress, my God in whom I trust. I pray for you, my teenage driver that you will dwell in God’s secret place. You will abide under his wings where no evil can reach in the name of Jesus.
You are covered and kept from troubles and ills that the road may bring to its users in the name of Jesus.

3. Prayer for Peace and Calmness for My Teenage Driver

Most teenage drivers get into trouble from anxiety and worry. Many situations occur that rattle drivers, especially teenage ones. I ask for mercy, Lord, for my teenage driver, fill him with peace and calmness ask he drives in the name of Jesus.
The peace of the Lord Jesus that passes all understanding saturates your heart and mind. If peradventure there is an anomaly, may the Lord stay in your mind and instruct you in what to do at dire times in the name of Jesus.
I pray for you my teen driver that as the wind sweeps over the surface of the sea in beautiful synchrony, may the peace and calmness of the Lord flood your mind in the name of our Lord Jesus. You will not take any decision rashly in the name of Jesus.

4. Prayer for My Inexperienced Teenage Driver

Lord, I pray for my teenager who has just begun to drive, your mercy will help him to stay focused in the name of Jesus. help him at all times to stay out of danger and evil in the name of Jesus. Please keep your protection over my child while he is on the road driving to school or anywhere else. Please give him wisdom and good judgment while behind the wheels. Please be his co-pilot, especially in congested traffic or during bad weather.
Today, I pray for the safety of my young driver and for all the other drivers on the road. Help my child to always buckle up and set a good example for others. Give my inexperienced driver the patience to gather experience behind the wheel and not take risky decisions or become overconfident in his abilities. And please be with him in times of discouragement; help him see that this is a learning process, not an overnight perfection.

5. Prayer for My Teenage Driver to Obey Traffic Rules

Dear Heavenly Father, I pray for my teenage driver. Help her drive safely and obey the traffic rules and drive within the speed limit. Please protect her from accidents and the consequence of her own mistakes and those of others. Help her be responsible on the road and in life, to be careful, courteous, and respectful. Grant her wisdom beyond her years as she learns to navigate this busy world behind the wheels. I pray that you would give her wisdom, courage, and strength. Help her to make the right decisions. Help her to be considerate of others on the road and not get into a fight with other drivers. Help her to be courteous as she uses turn signals. Help her to recognize when she is tired, stressed, or angry and unable to drive safely. I pray that you would help my child to pull over if she is tired or upset so she may rest or calm down before continuing their journey.

Lord, please help me to remember that I am teaching my child how to drive every time I get behind the wheel myself by the way I live my life on and off the road. Help me to be a good example at all times.
Father, we have absolute confidence that you are a good God and that you care for our children. We ask you to be with these children as they go on their journey today. Inspire them to drive intelligently and carefully according to traffic rules, without pressure from other teens in the car. We also ask that you keep their vehicles and roads safe, protecting all on the road along with them. Bring them home safely and in accordance with your perfect will, because there is no way safer than your well-planned path. Thank you in advance for hearing our prayers and granting our requests according to your perfect plan in Jesus name amen.

6. Prayer against Distraction for My Teenage Driver (Daughter)

Heavenly Father, I come before you with a troubled heart. My daughter is getting her driver’s license and I am both excited and fearful for the day she will be out on the road by herself. I pray that you would keep my daughter safe as she goes out today. Lord, protect her from danger and give her the wisdom to know how to handle every situation that comes her way. May she be strong and not be afraid. I pray that you will give her strength and courage as she deals with other teens who are driving on the roads. Lord, may she be a light for you in all situations. Please bless her and her friends with the grace to drive with a focus on the road. Please keep them from texting while driving, putting on makeup or changing CDs, arguing with passengers and other drivers, or trying to eat while driving. Help them to focus on the road, not who they are looking for and who is looking at them so they can make it home safely tonight

Remind her to keep all windows clean so that she can see clearly and not miss the potential danger. Help her to avoid any reckless driving behaviors like speeding or tailgating. Give me the wisdom to train her well in how to react in different situations on the road. May she remember that she is not in control of her life

7. Prayer against Distraction for My Teenage Driver (Son)

Dear Lord, I am asking you today to be with my teen and help him keep his focus on the road as he is driving. There are so many distractions they face while they are out driving – phones, music, friends, food, billboards, and even thinking about other things. Help him to be aware of all these distractions and stay focused on the road ahead of him. Lead him not into temptation and deliver him from evil. Keep my son focused on the road today. Distract him from all that would cause him to take his eyes off the prize of a safe journey. Distract him from texting, emailing, and even from talking on his phone. Keep his mind on driving, and his hands on the wheel. Distract him from being distracted by friends in the car with him. Keep their minds on driving and their hands on their wheels.

Distract him from being distracted by a pretty girl walking by, and distract her too so she will not tempt him to look back at her as he drives past. Distract him from music that is too loud or lyrics that are inappropriate for a young man to be singing along with as he drives down the road. Distract him from his own thoughts so he will keep his mind on the road instead of thinking of whatever has captured it lately.

8. Prayer against Speeding for My Teenage Driver

Dear God, I am praying against speeding for my teenage driver. I pray she will be more aware of the limit and drive the speed limit at all times. I pray that the speed limit will be written on her heart so that even when she is not aware of a change in the speed limit, she will obey the law and not bring a ticket home to me. I also pray that you will protect her from others who are speeding and driving irresponsibly – Lord put your hedge of protection around her always! Keep her from speeding. I pray that she would be mindful of the speed limit and not get a ticket. If she does get a ticket, please help her to learn from it and not do it again. According to your word in I Peter 5:7 – Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you. We trust you to protect our child from an accident.

We pray for drivers around my child today, asking that you will keep them safe as well. I pray against speeding, dangerous roads, and other drivers who are not paying attention. I pray that if he becomes distracted, you will help him regain focus to stay on the road and drive safely. I declare that they know when to slow down and speed up, they will be cautious while driving and always drive with care. I pray that my teenage driver will have a safe trip to their destination, stay safe, free from accidents, and free from harm.
We ask that you give us the wisdom to teach our children and the strength to enforce your rules. Guard our tempers against over-reaction or anger when dealing with this new freedom. Guide our decisions when it comes to setting curfews and other limits on driving privileges. Help us to be faithful in prayer for our children each day.

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