Prayers for My Niece Having Surgery

Having surgery, regardless of the circumstances surrounding it, is never easy. The worry can be overwhelming and the unknown can be frightening. It is can be more difficult when it is a loved one who looks up to you as their uncle or aunt. Praying for your niece when they are having surgery is surely a powerful way to show your undying love and formidable support.

At this point, you may feel like you don’t even know how to pray. Your niece may be dealing with a major life threat and this can be incredibly challenging. Emotions of fear, anxiety, sadness anger, and helplessness may be tumbling over your heart right now. you do not need to be a great child of God to call on his name for help. You just need to acknowledge your need for him sincerely from your heart and trust him to keep your niece through this dark time of your lives- that, dear reader is called faith! After all, that’s all you’ve got right now.

Prayers for my niece having surgery contains prayers for every session of the surgery, from the prep for theatre to prayers during the surgery and prayers after the surgery for quick recovery.

Now, bow your heart and say the prayers below, infusing your niece’s name where applicable, and pray these prayers below like that’s the only thing your niece’s life depends on.

Prayers for My Niece Before Surgery

1. Heavenly Father, I am so grateful that you have preserved my niece’s life up until now. Thank you for carrying her in the most critical times of her life, and I pray that even now as she goes through surgery, you will continue to protect her. I pray that there will be no complications as she’s been prepped for surgery. Be with her during the surgery process and grant her grace to recover speedily in the name of Jesus.
2. I also pray for your peace and comfort to be upon my sister and my brother-in-law as they wait for news of their daughter’s operation. I pray that they will find rest in your presence, knowing that you are watching over their child.
3. I come before you today asking for your protection and healing of my niece, who is going to undergo surgery. Lord, I know that you are the great physician, which is why I am not worried about her. She has your faith and I know that she will be fine. Fill her heart and mind with your promises of life in the name of Jesus.
4. May she be very confident that no harm will come to her through the process and may she experience your power and presence throughout the surgery and beyond in Jesus name.
5. My niece is a beautiful young woman and a great daughter. She’s hard-working and kind. Lord, I pray that you heal her through this surgery process so she can continue to spread love and joy to everyone around her in the mighty name of Jesus.
6. I also pray for her family members as they wait anxiously for positive news from the operation theatre. Please, Lord, comfort them with your presence as they wait patiently and anxiously for my niece’s recovery. May your peace be with them all this day in Jesus Name I pray, amen.

Prayers for My Niece during Surgery

7. I lift my niece to you. She is having surgery today and I pray that it will go well. Please guide the hands of the doctors and nurses as they do her surgery that there will be no complications at all. Help them to take the best care of her. Bless them with wisdom and knowledge in their line of duty. Guide them to do what is best for my niece.
8. I so am grateful that you have given us the best doctors and surgeons to perform these operations, and I thank you for keeping them safe as they work on my niece’s body. I pray that they receive clear guidance from your Holy Spirit throughout the process so they can do their job effectively and efficiently in Jesus name.
9. Heavenly Father, I pray that the surgery will go well and that You will watch over my niece and the doctors who are operating on her. I pray that the doctor would have wisdom beyond his years as he does this surgery, knowing that it is not by his wisdom or strength but by Your hand alone that he operates. I pray also that he would do everything with excellence and do his best because we know that his best is not good enough without Your hand guiding him.
10. Hold my niece’s hand while she goes through this surgery and cover her with your anointing of peace and healing. Please calm her heart and mind so that she can rest as the surgery is ongoing. May there be no complications during surgery in Jesus name.

Prayers for My Niece after Surgery

11. Prayer: Thank you Lord for the successful surgery for my niece. Thank you, Lord, that no complications occurred during the surgery. We are grateful Lord that you put the enemy to shame in our lives. And I declare over her that there will be no complications too as she is in recovery. Everything will work according to your will in the name of Jesus.
12. Lord, I pray that her wounds would heal quickly and completely and that she will recover fast and be back to her normal self again. Every drug or medication will work for the good of her body in the name of Jesus.
13. I commit the doctors and nurses that will be caring for her as she recovers, fill them with the spirit of excellence and wisdom in the name of Jesus. May they not experience any setback as on my niece’s condition in the name of Jesus. Bless them with insight and skill to help her become strong, hale and hearty again in the name of Jesus.
14. Please help her feel your presence as she recovers. Do not allow depression or anxiety to catch up with her in the name of Jesus. saturate her heart and mind with the peace that passes all understanding.
15. Continue to watch over her, Lord, and watch over all of us who love her so much. Let us know what more we can do to be helpful and supportive of her healing process. Grant us the grace to care for her until she is fit body, mind and soul. May we never be weary or tired of caring for her until she comes to perfect health in Jesus name.
16. Amazing God, if there should be complications or other issues, I pray against them right now in Jesus’ name! Give those who are caring for her the wisdom and training to deal with any situation that arises so we don’t have any reason to worry or doubt Your goodness towards us.
17. Father in Heaven, great is your faithfulness. Thank you for your mercy over my niece’s successful operation. I pray that she will not experience any health issues like this again in her life.
18. Help her to bear healthy living and feeding that will help her body recover fully in the name of Jesus.
19. As she is been discharged, I cancel any probability of relapse or complications while she is at home. Nothing at home will cause any negative effect on her in the name of Jesus.
20. Thank you, Jesus, for granting my entire family victory and not allowing us to lose this pretty daughter and niece of ours, for this we will be eternally grateful.

Dearest reader, you have done so well. I can assure you that the best way to show deep concern for that your sweet niece is to say these prayers with great faith in your heart. She will be more thankful to you for standing in the gap for her when she needed it the most.

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