Happy Wedding Anniversary Prayers for My Husband

The wedding is for a day, but the marriage lasts lifelong. The best experience of some ends with the wedding, but it is possible to have sweetness even through tough times and seasons. Celebrating an anniversary is not just to count years spent together, but also to look forward to brighter days ahead. Here are some heartfelt prayers for your husband, as you celebrate this anniversary.

1. Happy Wedding Anniversary Prayer of Thanksgiving for My Husband

I thank you, Lord, for the privilege to celebrate an anniversary. Many wish though, but in some way, somehow unpleasant is their story and experience. I thank you for the life of my husband, thank you for giving me a man of wisdom, compassion, and care, I thank you for his calmness and understanding in relating with me. Dear Lord, thank you for making my husband the head over me. Life flows from him to me and even to the family at large. Having him as my brother and friend and my head is something I will forever be grateful for. Thank you, dear Lord, for packaging such a wonderful gift to bless my life on this occasion of our anniversary. Lord, I know that the best is yet to come and I know by your mercies that he will always be my happy place, thank you Lord for answers to these prayers of mine in Jesus name, amen.

2. Happy Wedding Anniversary Prayers for My Husband for Peace

Thank you, Lord, for our wedding anniversary. I pray on this day that my husband will not lose the good thing he has found. ‘He that finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favour from the Lord says the book of Proverbs’- 18:22. What you have given my husband is an abode, a home, and a habitation of peace and I pray no storm of life will be able to sweep it away no matter how hard it beats against it because he has obtained favour from the Lord. Help us to experience more peaceful years ahead with my love and my life I pray, amen.

3. Happy Wedding Anniversary Prayers for My Husband for Long Life

Thank you, Lord, for another anniversary. I pray for my husband on this occasion of our anniversary that he will live long and experience many beautiful days ahead. Many people associate sorrow and hopelessness with getting older, but I pray that this does not become his portion in Jesus name as he grows older even in this marriage. He will experience joy and will be full of hope and excitement. Let him not just live long, but live well. Help him to live long to see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living, let him experience your goodness and mercy each passing day he lives. Let every moment for him become a fresh beginning, let his days ahead be full of opportunities and not mistakes. This you will do as I ask in Jesus name, amen.

4. Happy Wedding Anniversary Prayers for My Husband for Fulfillment

Dear Lord, I thank you for a successful marriage and I thank you for this anniversary, it is not a memory we wish to have but in reality, we are joyfully experiencing it because you have ordained it so. Dear Lord, I pray on the occasion of this anniversary for my husband that the days ahead of him will be a phase of Ultimate fulfillment. Let him experience the contentment that gives true fulfillment. By him Lord, let this marriage make more progress, help him to always consider how much he has much more than how much he wants. Let this marriage be for him a pursuit of happiness, let it be for him a light that brightens his darkness, help him to discover the inner fulfillment that eliminates any disorder or discomfort by the power in your name, amen.

5. Happy Wedding Anniversary Prayers for My Husband for More Love

Thank you, father, because your love has kept us till this day of our anniversary as we share the experience of every wonderful moment you have given to us. Every day unfolds the joy of having a true companion. I pray for my husband O Lord on the occasion of this anniversary that you will feel him with more love for this family and for this home. Let him find the happiness that comes from loving and being loved.  Open to him dear Lord a sphere where love will burn more in his heart like a fire towards me even than ever before. Grant him the capacity to love more as we journey on in this next phase, make this wonderful husband of mine the finest, loveliest, tenderest, and most beautiful person I have ever known in Jesus name, amen.

6. Happy Wedding Anniversary Prayers for My Husband for Divine Help

Thank you, dear Lord, on the occasion of our anniversary. It has been you all along. I pray for my husband as we celebrate this anniversary that he will experience divine help to run this marriage and keep this home. Just like your word in Isaiah 58:11, divine help will arrive at his side, courage will compass him around and your glory will work with him and fill him with his soul’s desire. You have ordained him the head of this home and the captain of this ship, by your help Lord let him not fail in this assignment. Even in his imperfections, good things and even great things will be accomplished by him through your help. Thank you, dear Lord, for your answers to my prayers, amen.

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