Prayers for My Wife Having Surgery (Before, During and After)

The knowledge that your precious wife is going to be lying helpless on the theatre table at the mercy of surgeons and nurses is excruciatingly devastating. But that moment when you hit rock bottom like a rock tossed into the deep depths of the waters, all you can do is to allow the tide to take its toll and float. The best only way to float as a child of God is to BELIEVE!

Let your faith arise in the One who has loved you from the very first. Entrust your wife to him as she goes into the theatre to be treated. Commit her into the hands of the One who can keep her spirit, soul and body by the power of his word. All you should do is pray for her before she is taken in. present all your fears, anxieties, worries and needs to the most blessed One. Seek mercy at his hand and favour from his face. Stay in the theatre with her in your heart as you stay strong in the presence of Yahweh, praying in the name of Jesus.

For surgeries, it is never over until full health is restored. So, you have to also pray for your wife after she has left the theatre and she recovers in the recovery ward or at home. You must not be ignorant of the devices of the enemy, so take time out to continue to pray in faith to destroy all the cunning works of the devil against your wife’s life.

These wonderful Prayers for My Wife Having Surgery will take care of all the sections of surgery your wife will go through. Take your time to go through them in faith, and your wife will soon return to your warm embrace in good health and peace.

Prayers for My Wife Before Surgery

Almighty Father, the Faithful and true, abundant in mercies and plenteous in grace, you who has the sovereign power to kill and make alive, I say these Prayers for My Wife Having Surgery that you will buy your mercies this surgery will be a huge success in the name of Jesus. I thank you, Lord, for answering our prayers in Jesus name, Amen.

1. Thanksgiving Prayer for My Wife Having a Surgery (Before, During and After)

Thank you, oh Father, creator of the heavens and earth. Blessed be your holy name for your mercies and goodness that stand sure. Thank you that death could not lay its icy hands over my sweet wife, even if she needs surgery for survival today. I know that you who began this good work of deliverance will perfect it till the day of Jesus Christ.

I come bearing thanksgivings to the Lord of lords and the King of kings for I know that you will spare my wife’s life. I thank you that your mercy will reach down from your sovereign throne and breathe your living power into my lovely wife’s body in the name of Jesus.

Lord, I thank you for releasing your mighty angels to keep watch over my wife. I bring praises to you, my God, for you will work through the hands and fingers of the surgeons to restore my wife to total health in the name of Jesus.

Father, thank you for bringing my darling wife to your expected end in the name of Jesus. I bless your name, for her portion on this earth is life and life forever!

2. Prayer for Preservation for Life for My Wife before Surgery

Lord Jesus, I pray that you will protect and preserve my wife as she goes into surgery. I declare that her life is hidden in Christ in God in the name of Jesus. I stop the hand of death and corruption in her body in the name of Jesus. Her heart will not stop working throughout this procedure. She will live to tell of the goodness and mercies of the Lord years to come in the name of Jesus.

According to the scriptures, my wife’s life is ransomed from the power of the grave in the name of Jesus. Oh, I declare, she is redeemed from death by the power of the holy ghost. I destroy the messengers of death in my wife’s life in the name of Jesus.

I declare over you, my dear wife, as your go into surgery, you are sustained and strengthened of the Lord. Even the Lord God of Hosts eases your pains and discomfort. The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ enables you to bear in the season when anaesthesia fails in the name of Jesus. Your body does not collapse under the weight of the whole procedure in the name of Jesus. You will return from the theatre with your life intact in the name of Jesus. You are not delivered to the will of your enemies in Jesus name. You will not die but live, but you will live long declaring the goodness of the Lord your God.

3. Prayer for Strong Faith for My Wife Going into Surgery

Even in this season of pain, discomfort and uncertainty, I pray that the God of all mercy and grace will fill your heart with hope and strength. For the Lord has said he will be your refuge and strength and very present help in time of trouble. I pray that your heart will rest on the promise in His word in the name of Jesus.

As you lay on the theatre bed while the surgeons work on you, the mercy of our Lord Jesus looks upon you. I pray that you are strengthened in your inner man to stand on the promises of God that cannot fail. May his praises fill your heart and mind in the name of Jesus.

I pray for you, my darling wife, that the presence of the Lord will comfort you, and your heart will be lightened with the brightness of his presence in the name of Jesus. I say you, dear wife, be strong and courageous, for the Lord God Almighty is with you, and He will not forsake or leave you in the name of Jesus (Deuteronomy 31:6 paraphrased)

4. Prayer of Provision for My Wife before Surgery

Dear Lord, you said we should ask in faith, and we will receive liberally from the One who upbraids not. We need so much financial provision for the success of my wife’s surgery and in ourselves, but we do not have enough. I pray that in your mercy, you will supply all our needs according to your riches in glory in Christ Jesus.

Dear Lord, I humble myself and my family under your mighty hands that you may exalt us in due time in the name of Jesus. Please let your provision come from the uncommon places to cater for all the expenses of this surgery in the name of Jesus.

Today, I cast all my cares upon you, for I am persuaded you care for my family in the name of Jesus. I receive provision for this surgery from your eternal hands by faith. Lord, you clothe the lilies on the field, and you provide for the birds of the hair who do not toil or labour. They only look unto you, and you bless them. I receive abundant provision in the name of Jesus.

I look unto Jesus, the author and finisher of my faith, for abundant provision for my wife’s surgery in the name of Jesus. Lord, release your angels to bring provisions to me just like ravens brought food to Elijah the prophet in the name of Jesus.

Prayers for My Wife During Surgery

5. Prayer against Complications for My Wife in Surgery

Lord, as this operation process is beginning, come and start with them and be with my wife through it all in the name of Jesus. Count her life precious in your sight and prevent any complication whatsoever in the name of Jesus.

Who says and it comes to pas when the Lord God Almighty has not commanded it? The command of the Lord over my wife is that of life and not death; so, I pray against any chance of complication during this surgery. I speak total alignment in that theatre in the name of Jesus.

Let the presence of the Lord fill the theatre and expel every negative spirit in the name of Jesus. I declare and say no to anxiety or confusion in the name of Jesus. Let the spirit of faith in Christ Jesus fill everyone in there with my wife with boldness and grace in the name of Jesus.

All the surgeons and nurses are helped by the Spirit of the Great Physician in the name of Jesus. They all receive enlightenment and clarity of heart and mind to make the right decisions at every point in time in the name of Jesus.

All the drugs and treatments will be received well by my wife’s body in the name of Jesus. They all work hand in hand for the good and health of my wife’s body in the name of Jesus.

6. Prayer for The Surgeons Operating on My Wife during Surgery

Lord, the surgeons, are your hands during this surgery to remove everything plaguing my wife’s body. Bless their hands with calmness and mastery. Fill their heart with your peace, love and joy during this operation process in the name of Jesus.

Strengthen their hands and fingers to win the battle over my wife’s life in the name of Jesus. Let your redemption power has free flow through their hands and fingers into my wife’s body in the name of Jesus.

Flush every negative thought from the surgeons’ minds, fill them with faith to bring the hope of life to my wife in the name of Jesus. No matter how complicated the operation process is, bless them with sight and insight to know what best to do in the name of Jesus.

Let their artistry today be beyond and study and experience. But let your praise and glory fill their heart throughout the surgery in the name of Jesus.

Prayers for My Wife After Surgery

7. Prayer to Strengthen My Wife’s Relationship with God after Surgery

Dear heavenly Father, you have been good to my darling wife and me. Thanks to your name for the success of this surgery. I pray that you will perfect the good work you have begun in her life in the name of Jesus.

I know that recovering from this delicate surgery may make her withdrawn from everything, including you, Lord Jesus. Send your word that is spirit and life to her heart to dispel every unbelief or withdrawal from her mind in the name of Jesus.

Let your Holy Spirit be with my sweet wife and restore her relationship with you again. May your voice and presence comfort her in all of her pains as she is in recovery in the name of Jesus.

Cause her heart to be open to the voice that worry and anxiety of whether she is going to be alright will be melted away in the name of Jesus.

8. Prayer for Healthy Lifestyle for My Wife after Surgery

Sweet Jesus, I worry for my wife that she may get hooked on unhealthy feeding habits now that she is out of danger after surgery. She says she wants to live the best of her. Lord, eating freely without caution is not best for her as it can still put her life at risk.

I pray that you will help her as she recovers to watch her appetite still and feed well in the name of Jesus. She tends towards being obese, grant her the strength of heart to not succumb to junk eating in the name of Jesus.

We have been given so many instructions of dos and don’ts; I ask for grace for my lovely wife to be able to keep all those instructions in the name of Jesus.

Heavenly Father, save my wife from all kinds of unhealthy lifestyles that may cost us complications or breakdowns in the name of Jesus. Let your sweet Holy Spirit stir her heart in the right path in the name of Jesus.

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