Prayers for My Daughter Having Surgery (Before and After)

Pain, anxiety and worry rock the heart of any parent whose child is sick and needs surgery. At times, the helplessness is almost palpable that one has nowhere else to turn except God. Your sweet daughter, dear parent, has to go through surgery to get out of a life-threatening health condition. And really, there is no surgery of small magnitude, so being afraid of the process for baby girls is humane. But do you know that no one can, through worry, add anything worthwhile to their lives? In Matthew 6: 27, Jesus asked and said, “Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life?” What you should do, is pray. I believe that is why you are here today, searching for how to ease the burdens and pains in your heart.

All daughters to their parents are precious gifts from the Almighty God but are always vulnerable, so they are always most protected. But when the only option of survival or healthy living a parent has for their daughter is an operation, such a situation can be extremely frightening. But like I said earlier, the Lord promise in his word that if we humble ourselves and call upon his name, he will hear us from heaven and come to our rescue (2 Chronicle 7: 14 paraphrased).

You should bear your pains, anxieties and fears before the one who gave you this beautiful girl and does not allow the devil to play a fast one on you. Use the prayers below to call upon His name, cry out for mercy for your baby girl who cannot help herself right now, speak to the Lord on her behalf. He will hear you. He will stretch out his hand and make this surgery a smooth process and return your daughter to you in health.

Prayers for My Daughter before Surgery

Dear Lord and saviour, the perfect healer of all times, I say these prayers for my daughter having surgery; that your hands of healing shall work in her to perfect her health before, during and after this surgery. May your name be glorified God, Amen.

1. Prayer for Preservation of Life before Surgery

Dear God, thank you for giving my daughter life. Although she is so sick today and requires surgery, I know that the thoughts you have for her are thoughts of good and not of evil so that you will preserve her life from death.

Help my daughter Lord with your victorious right hand and seal her unto life. Melt every mark of sickness, disease and death on my daughter. Keep her life in your everlasting hands.

Just as King David prayed in Psalm 57:1, I also lift my voice for my daughter’s sake to say, “Have mercy on (my daughter), my God, have mercy on her for in you she takes refuge. She takes refuge in the shadow of your wings until this disaster has passed.

Preserve my daughter’s life and deliver her from the hands of the enemy that hates her so much. Send your angel to stand watch over my daughter and fight for her life to be preserved in the name of Jesus.

2. Prayers for the Surgeon before Surgery

Father, I pray you will lead us to the right surgeon. Direct our ways and guide our paths in the name of Jesus. My daughter’s condition is quite delicate and needs an expert. Guide our way to the one you have prepared.

Lead us to the surgeon not only with the right credentials but whose heart is compassionate and true. Who will take my daughter’s case like his and make all effort to bring her back to health in the name of Jesus.

Lord, you prepared Ben Carson to have enough faith and insight to attempt the famous Siamese twin’s separation and prepare the surgeon’s heart and mind that will take our case. Fill his heart with your light, your peace and faith in your name.

May the surgeon recognize the strength of your sovereign power and reverence your presence as he goes into the theatre in the name of Jesus. I pray today that you will work on my daughter through the surgeon’s hands in the name of Jesus

3. Prayer for Provision before Surgery

I will lift my eyes unto the hills from whence comes my help, my help comes from the Lord, the maker of heaven and earth. Father, we need so much financial supply to succeed in this surgery. Please, Lord, provides for us. We do not have enough to pay for all the bills, and my daughter really needs this surgery. Heavenly Father, come to our aid.

Your word says I should ask, and I will receive; so, I ask for sufficient financial provision for my daughter’s surgery in the name of Jesus. We receive help and aids from unusual places. Please help us find favour before everyone around us in the name of Jesus.

Father, my daughter, needs a transplant, and we need a donor. Please send your angel to find the right match for my daughter. Lord, you can make a way where there seems to be no way. Come and make way for us in this our trying time provide all she needs for the success of this surgery in the mighty name of Jesus.

Merciful High Priest, I know you are faithful in all your ways. Raise help for my daughter’s surgery with your infinite wisdom. I declare that she does not lack anything before, during and after this surgery in the name of Jesus. Thank you for hearing my prayers, and I receive a speedy answer in the name of Jesus.

4. Prayer for Courage and Strength before Surgery

Lord, my daughter, needs courage and strength to go through this operation. I pray for her today that your mercy will strengthen her spirit in the name of Jesus. she has gone through a lot, and you have been there all the way. Help her dear Lord to see you much more than ever before.

Let your faithfulness and mercy be bigger and greater than all he fears and anxieties in the name of Jesus. Help her, dear Lord, see the benefits of this surgery and not its risks in the name of Jesus.

Grant her a fighting spirit. Help her to hold on to life in her soul. Let your perfect love dispel every pang of fear, pain or worries in the name of Jesus. I surround her today with the aural of love, peace, comfort and grace. I receive my daughter back from the theatre alive and better in the name of Jesus.

Prayers for My Daughter during Surgery

5. Prayer for Protection during Surgery

I put my daughter under the everlasting arms of the Lord as she is being wheeled into the theatre. The angel of the Lord God stands watch over her life. The enemy is shut out of the theatre.

Lord, put my daughter in the hollow of your palms. Make her untouchable to the enemy through this surgery. Let your mercy flow and your presence impenetrable to the enemy in the name of Jesus.

Surround my daughter in the theatre with your walls of fire. Let every negative atmosphere be dissolved there in the name of Jesus. Lord, lift your banner of life around my daughter. Let your protection be evident on her during this surgery. Help the doctors not to take the wrong decisions that could threaten her life during the procedure in the name of Jesus.

6. Prayer for Comfort and Peace during Surgery

I pray for comfort and peace for my daughter during this procedure. Grant her heart peace and tranquillity. Stay her heart on your through this operation. Silence any voice that can disturb her peace on you. I declare that the still small voice of the Holy Spirit will be her company and her guide through the whole process.

My dear daughter, as you lie down and the surgeons work on your body, I release peace to you not as the world gives but as Christ gives. Be assured, my sweet daughter, you are the apple of the eyes of the Most High. Nothing negative will befall you in the name of Jesus.

The power of the Lord keeps your heart and mind from despair in the name of Jesus. As the dew rests upon the mountains at the dawn of the day; the peace of the Lord rests upon your soul in Jesus name. The very God of peace keeps your whole body in peace in the name of Jesus.

7. Prayer for the Surgeon and Nurses during Surgery

Jesus takes the wheels of my daughter’s surgery process in the name of Jesus. Begin with the nurses and doctors, stay with them through every step of the way and finish with them in Jesus name.

Teach the surgeons and nurses steps they can take during the procedure to reduce or eliminate any chance of surgical complications during my daughter’s surgery in the name of Jesus.

I pray that your mercy will be with all the medical personnel with her in the theatre. Rid their hearts and minds of negativity in the name of Jesus. Let your light guide them in the name of Jesus.

Prayers for My Daughter after Surgery

8. Prayer for Miraculous Recovery and Healing after Surgery

Praise to the Lord God Almighty; he has granted us victory on my daughter’s health. Lord, I bless your name for bringing her alive out of the theatre; I exalt your name King of kings. Lord Jesus, perfect the good work you have started in my daughter’s life. Restore her health completely in the name of Jesus.

She has been placed on so many medications, I pray that you will make all the drugs work for the good of her body in the name of Jesus. I reject any adverse side effects, no matter how minute in the name of Jesus.

I pray that your mercy will help my daughter bear the inevitable pains she has to go through, whether when the anaesthesia will wear out or injections and drug shots she has to take, help and strengthen her in the name of Jesus. Ability to bear pain after anaesthesia has worn out

I reject complications that ensue after surgeries in the name of Jesus. You will never thrive in my daughter’s life in the name of Jesus. I lift my precious child into the arms of the Lord, and I declare healing and recovery over every part of your body in the name of Jesus.

9. Prayer for Favour before Care-givers after Surgery

The favour of the Lord Jesus envelops my daughter today in the recovery section after her operation. My daughter is highly favoured before man and God; she finds favour before the nurses and doctors around her in the name of Jesus.

Lord Jesus, be my daughter’s glory and the lifter up of her head. Everyone who sees her will select her for good in the name of Jesus. I pray that your name will be her covering and your mercy Lord will overshadow her.

You have been good to us through this whole procedure; your mercy will keep following us till the end in Jesus name. I pray that my daughter receives care and comfort from all the caregivers around her because she is highly favoured in the name of Jesus.


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