Good Night Prayers for My Wife

Passing a rose flower to your wife over a glass of wine is wonderful but saying prayer for darling wife to have a good night rest is of more worth. It is not automatic to have a good night sleep that is why sending your wifey to bed with some prayers to create a sweet cloud fror sleep over her as she retires to bed is very important.

Women are the greatest culprits of worry and anxiety, so, it is not only thoughtful for you to pray for a good night rest for my lovely wife, it shows you are also a hero ripping your sweetheart from the cold claws of worries and anxiety. Actually, praying for our loved ones is a special gift and should be done lavishly. You, dear reader are in the right place doing the right thing.

Most times the greatest of battles are won on the knees in our secret places. God takes no pleasure in the suffering and pain of his children that is why he gives his beloved sleep. Put your darling wife in the number of those the heavenly father must attend to tonight by standing in the gap on her behalf.

I can assure you dear husband, your wife will be eternally grateful she has a husband that got her back. A heartfelt prayer in humility, God cannot look away from – take some minutes to cuddle your wife in the arms of heaven’s angels with prayers.

1. Good Night Thanksgiving Prayer for My Wife

Dear Lord I thank you for my wife, she has made living each day worth it. I love her so much and I bless her tonight with the blessing of you face. Thank you for giving me such amazing woman.

Dear Lord, tonight I am grateful that you’ve spared our lives for your glory. Thank you Jesus for putting the enemy to shame in our family. For you are great and worthy of all my praises.

Thank you dear God for always standing for us and not against us.

2. Good Night Prayer for Blessings for My Wife

Bless my wife dear Lord with the abundance of your riches as she sleeps tonight. Let her bask in the joy and peace that resonates from your presence.

My wife has labored so much for the good of our family today, dear Lord bless her night with great reward in the name of Jesus. Let the countenance of your face lighten her sleep and may she dream of the pleasure at the right side of the Heavenly King.

I speak life over you today; I declare strength is ministered to your feeble hands. The Lord God brings stability to your weak knees and your heart is blessed with boldness; nothing makes you afraid. I bless you tonight with the covering of the feathers of God; beneath his everlasting wings shall be your trust all the days of your life.

3. Good Night Prayer for Protection for My Wife

As the mountains are round about Jerusalem, so the Lord sets a spiritual siege around my wife tonight as she goes to bed. Dear Lord God who never sleeps nor slumbers; let your eyes keep watch over her for she is the twinkle of the crown of my head.

Let your most righteous and powerful arms be around her and put evil to flight tonight in the name of Jesus. I pray that your fiery angels be set to watch over this beauty that my soul delights in.
Merciful God, protect my wife through all the evils that lurk in the darkness of the night in the name of Jesus. Let your light be a pillar of fire around her and a cloud of protection in the name of Jesus.

Dear Father, as you mark the children of Israel out of trouble and death passed over them, mark and deliver my wife from troubles that befall men in their sleep as she retires for night rest in the name of the Lord

4. Good Night Prayer for Peaceful Rest for My Wife

Abba Father, bless my sweet Wifey with a calm, peaceful sleep. Banish any trouble in her mind and help her to forget all the evils that the day brought her way and erase any memory that can bring her frown to her lovely face as she goes to bed.

Bless her kind her with peace and Joy in the name of Jesus. as I kiss you good night in my mind’s eye, may your eyes gracefully close and your lips spread sweetly with love and your heart lighten with the memory of my love for you.

I pray that the peace of the Lord Jesus Christ and the Love of God and the sweet fellowship of the Holy Spirit saturate your heart as you fall asleep this night in the name of Jesus.
My Love, as the scripture says in Proverbs 3:24 “When you lie down, you will not be afraid, when you lie down, your sleep will be sweet.” All these are many more are your portion my wife.

As nothing can move the mountain from its place, nothing will tamper with your peace tonight in the name of Jesus.

5. Good Night Prayer against Attacks of the Enemy for My Wife

As you bow you head to sleep tonight my wife, the angels of the Almighty God keeps watch over you. Every attack against your sleep tonight is dispelled in the powerful name of Jesus.

Tonight you my wife are translated from the kingdom of darkness to the kingdom of light. The power of the devil loses it strength and hold over you. You will sleep well tonight and nothing will make you afraid in the name of Jesus.

Judgment comes to any power of evil planning to attack your peaceful sleep in the name of Jesus. Every enemy in form a stranger intending to disrupt the peaceful flow of your sleep fades away tonight.

Your sleep my wife is sanctified and purified in the name of Jesus. No strange dream shall flourish in the name of Jesus.

6. Prayer for Deliverance from Insomnia for My Wife

Jesus speaks to you my dear wife, He will give you rest. “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” (Matthew 11:28). The power of Christ bulldozes any spirit stealing your sleep in the name of Jesus.

The shackle of insomnia is broken in my wife’s life in the name of Jesus. As you desire sleep, your eyelids will welcome the peace winds of good sleep.

I pray for you dear wife, your mind is healed and freed from the hold of sleeplessness in the name of Jesus. The peace of God swallows up insomnia. Receive the peace of God that passes all understanding in the name of Jesus.

Your heart and mind is delivered from worry, anxiety and fear in the name of Jesus. As you lay down to sleep, you will dwell safely because the keeper of Israel will keep watch over you in the name of Jesus.

7. Good Night Prayer for Health for My Wife

Let the joy of the Lord be your strength pretty wife of my youth. As the eagles retires and renews its strength; let your strength and health be renewed with the dawn of the new day.

Each day brings it freshness and sweetness, may your health be renewed and freshened by the time you wake up to the brightness of a new day. May your sleep be restful and graceful. As you take rest tonight, the mercies of God remain your company in the name of Jesus.

As you lay down tonight, your spirit, soul and body obeys the everlasting law of waking up invigorated in the name of Jesus. As you lay deep in sleep, your body leaves any harmful thought or experience in the dream land in the name of Jesus.

The Lord wrought a miracle of life in your spirit, soul and body as you sleep tonight in the name of Jesus. Your health is not tampered with in the powerful name of Jesus.

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