Good Night Prayers to God Today

So much to say about bedtime prayers. As important as starting your day with prayers is, which gives a kind of assurance that the day will go well, so is ending the day with prayers.

Communicating with God before going to bed may be difficult because of numerous factors like stress, worries, anxieties, fatigue among others that sometimes happen in the daytime but the need to have it done is inherent for most believers.

Since no one knows what goes on around them when sleeping at night, the place of faith in God that helps you get things from God cannot be relegated so yours is to pray and believe then allow God do his part putting in mind that God does not fail.

Therefore, offering prayers is just the best bet for God’s true security and peace of mind. Say a word of prayer to your creator to ease your mind before retiring to bed tonight?

So, saying some good night prayers to God today can help you keep your mind straight, focused and give restful sleep.

Good Night Prayer Quotes to God

1. Lord, thank you for being with my family and friends through out the day. It has been by your grace that we are alive, hale and hearty to see this day to the end. Thank you, Jesus.

2. Merciful saviour, forgive us for the things we did today and help us to do away with sin every time. This I ask tonight in Jesus’ name.

3. Jesus, grant this entire family a good night sleep so that we can feel refreshed and ready to begin another day in Jesus’ name.

4. Bathe this environment with your peace that passes all understanding and safety. Protect us from the eyes of the evil one as we sleep in Jesus’ name.

5. Oh Lord, help us to choose your ways over ours and help us to know that it is always the best for us as we sleep tonight.

6. Father, give us peaceful dreams and let us be aware and conscious of your words whenever you are speaking to us.

7. Heavenly King, establish and bless the works of our hands. Open speedily the right doors for our lives and that of our loved ones.This we ask, in Christ’s name.

8. Jesus, make us secured in who you are and help us realize who you want us to be in you. This I pray tonight, in Jesus’ name.

9. Father of light, make your light shine on all our paths even on our emotions so that our thoughts and hearts can be clear of grudges from the day as we retire to bed in Jesus’ name.

10. This night, put your love in our hearts that we love you in truth and in deed. This we ask, in Jesus’ name.Amen.

11. High Priest, as we are about to sleep after the day’s activities,help us to remember that you are not surprised or taken off guard by the events of the day so help us to trust in You.

12. Bless our family and thank you for the good times we have had together and apart. We appreciate your name for the space you are giving us again this evening.Thank You, Jesus.

13. Bless every member of the family. Thank you Jesus for our home and a place to sleep and good food to eat. Help us to rest well tonight.

14. Send your angels around our home to protect us throughout the night. Teach us to trust and to love you more, Father.

15. Most High, You are good and greatly to be praised for keeping us throughout the day. Also, give us peace this night so that we can wake up tomorrow to give you all thanks.

16. Lord, relax the tensions in our mind and relax our nerves as we are about to sleep. Wake us up in the morning more refreshed than ever in Jesus’ name.

17. Help me see you in my dreams and cast away every nightmares that may want to appear as I sleep. This I pray in Jesus’ name.

18. Lord, You promised to give your angels charge over us to keep us in all our ways. Keep us in our sleep and let us be able to give you all the gratitude when we wake up.

19. Dear Lord, we pray that you make our lives show forth your mercies as we retire to bed tonight and wake up tomorrow morning, in Jesus Christ’s name.

20. Grant us strength to weather through the night storm in peace because it can only be done by you. This we ask, in Jesus’ name.

21. Thank you, Lord that I can rest while I put everything in your hands I ask that you make my life meaningful and my moments graceful so that I can submit all my will to you. Let your will alone be done in my life and help me adjust to your will instead of mine.This I ask in Jesus’ name.

22. God, help me be like a child that hands over all stress, worries, anxieties and responsibilities to You. Teach me what it truly means to rest because I know that my energy level will not be sufficient to do it so.Help me to put all my trust in you and each time I try to trust on my own powers, redirect my heart to looking unto you.This I pray in Jesus’ name.

23. Faithful Father, when I wake in the morning, let it be with a beautiful smile and a happy spirit so that I would know that you alone gives one a restful night. I believe in what you can do so I look to you tonight that you will give me such a beautiful smile and spirit that will help me carry on through out the day in Jesus’ name.Amen.

24. Thank you, Lord for my family and I. We retire to bed without the slightest hint of how you work behind the scenes even the moments when there is the need to send your angels to plunge into action without us being aware. Thank you, Jesus.

25. Please, allow us to sleep with the newness of mind and heart so that we may wake with a fresh spirit and sensitivity to your presence and guidance. Let us sleep like new born babies that do not have any worry. When we wake up tomorrow to see the light of the day, let it be with a clear and fresh mind. Hearken unto our prayers tonight. Amen.

26. Bless our beds and bodies with deep, sound and restful sleep. On a daily basis, help us to rely on your strength. Your word says all our labour is in vain and except you build the house so let everything we do be built on your foundation. This we pray, through Jesus Christ our Lord.

27. King of Glory, let all thoughts roaming our minds as a result of the situations we face today settle on your goodness and mercy as we fall asleep. Cast away all anxieties about what tomorrow holds for us because we know your presence precedes us.

28. Tonight, we exalt you because our marriage draws strength from you now and always. You authored marriage so we place all the plans of the enemy to destroy the union in your care. Let it find its root in you because anything that locate its root in You does not die nor fail. Let it be so in Jesus name. Amen.

29. Our health will not fail as we trust you for unfailing health no matter what we go through daily. Fatigue and stress will not wear us out even as we go to bed. Protect us from all sorts of sleep disruption. Shield us against internal things that would bother our sleep like worries, jealousy, anger and every unhealthy feelings. This we ask, in Jesus’ name.

30. Lord, we know that there is no greater love that any man give to us than yours so we remind ourselves of your mercies which are new every morning. Forgive us of our sins and make us put behind all the troubles of the day especially those that have offended us. Forgive us of our sins in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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