Prayers For My Daughter Having Eye Surgery

Dear tenacious daddy or mummy, in fact, it may be the two of you here right now. I just want to say, you are a hero. Heroes may not possess superpowers, but true heroes possess the heart never to let their loved ones suffer alone. Your search for prayers for your daughter having eye surgery is so over. We got powerful New Testament prayers for the success of your daughter’s eye surgery.

Eye surgery is neither a sentence to blindness nor to death, even if the eye is a delicate organ and surgeries around it require great expertise and skill, we have our Lord Jesus as our succor and very present help in times of trouble. So, no matter how terrible the situation looks, Jesus is the King over every storm so let’s take these prayers for my daughter having eye surgery with great faith in what only God can do through his holy Son, Jesus Christ.

Prayer Points For My Daughter Eye Surgery

Lord God of creation, you created all and said it was good. I pray with all of my heart today for my daughter’s eye surgery, make it successful in the name of Jesus.

Powerful Prayer Points For My Daughter’s Eye Surgery

1.I thank you, Lord, for your mercy over my family, you have been so good to us in every way. (1Chr 16:34)

2.Lord Jesus, I thank you for this beautiful daughter that you gave me to nurture.

3.Thank you, Lord, for making me her mother, it is a great privilege, thank you Lord for the strength granted to me to conceive and give birth to her.

4.I thank you, Lord, for I know that I will not have any course to cry over her rather it will be tears of joy. (1Kings 1:40)

5.Lord Jesus, I pray that my daughter will see perfectly with her eyes.

6.In Jesus’ name, my daughter will not go blind no matter the defect.

7.I pray oh Lord that she will respond to treatment well.

8.Lord Jesus beyond what the doctors can do perfect the healing of my daughter’s eyes. ( Matt 4:23).

9.Lord Jesus help me my hope is on you my family will not go hungry because of this surgery bill.

10.Lord Jesus, you will put the spirit of excellence in the hearts of the doctors who will treat my daughter. (Daniel 5:12).

11.Lord Jesus, I pray that my daughter will find favour in the sight of God and man. (Esther 2:17)

12.As we will be going to and fro regarding my daughter’s eye surgery, our journey is kept in Jesus’ name.

13.I pray oh Lord that we will get the right counsel that will cushion a successful eye surgery.

14.Oh Lord concerning my daughter’s eye surgery take away fears from my heart. I will live by faith in Jesus’ name.

15.Lord Jesus reassure my daughter’s heart to know that this surgery will be successful.

16.My Lord and my God I trust in you to provide abundantly for the running of the whole treatment.

17.I trust in you Lord for help that this provision will be miraculous, and we will not run into debt. (Psalm 132:15)

18.I pray oh Lord that on the day of the surgery, nothing will go wrong.

19.Father Lord, I pray that on the day of the surgery, the weather will be perfect.

20.Lord Jesus, I dip all the surgical instruments that will be used for my daughter in the blood of Jesus.

21.Lord Jesus, I pray that the ophthalmologist will not make any mistakes during the operation.

22.The ophthalmologist who will treat my daughter will be in good health, he or she will be agile in discharging his or her duties in Jesus’ name.

23.Lord, I pray that the ophthalmologist who will treat my daughter will be stable emotionally and mentally.

24.I plead oh Lord that after the treatment, her eyes will heal fast in Jesus’ name.

25.In Jesus’ name, the medications will not go wrong in my daughter’s body, the medications will work well

26.Lord Jesus, I destroy all the evil plans of the enemy over my daughter.

27.Any enemy against my daughter’s vision will not see the light of the day (Exodus 15:6).

28.My Lord and God, I pray that my daughter’s vision will be brighter than ever before.

29.Affliction shall not rise again the second time after this surgery, my daughter will never have bad eyesight again in Jesus’ name. (Nahum 1:9).

30.Thank you, Lord, for answers to my prayers for I know that I will testify to your holy name that we overcame. (2Kings 20:5)

Thank you, Lord, for answers to my prayers for I know that I will testify to your holy name that we overcame. (2Kings 20:5)

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