New Week Prayer for Myself

Prayer isn’t just an activity we do to fulfil all righteousness. Prayer is our life and it goes ahead of us to settle our desires according to the will of God. It’s a new week and committing this week into God’s hands is essential.

I’m excited you found this page. It is a honour to have you here. I have written down just everything Prayer you need to start out your week on a positive note. Thank you for believing in prayers. Believe me, it is certain you will end this week with awesome testimonies of how God answered your prayers beyond your expectations.

Let’s get started with the samples of new week prayer for myself as you desire; and I’ll lead you through a powerful time of prayer.

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O Lord, Guide and Direct Me this Week

Thank you, Lord for keeping me alive to see this new week. I’m grateful to be among the living. It shows that You have a purpose for my life, Lord. Whatever Your purpose for my life is, direct me to it this week in Jesus name.

I pray that I won’t just wander through the week, but Lord, open my eyes to Your divine direction for me this week. Let me see Your fingerprints in my heart and all around me.

Father, it is a new week today, I pray that You will lead me aright and guide my steps. Anywhere You don’t want me to visit, please distract me and shift my focus from going there.

I pray that I will experience divine directions in all my ways this week. I will be directed to right relationships. God will guide me to meet the right partners that will bless my life and change my story forever. I won’t miss out of Your blessings for me this week in Jesus name.

I pray that I am connected to a flow of your guidance in every detail this week. I ask that this will be extended to my family and we will all enjoy supernatural increase this week. We will be focused as You lead us aright in Jesus name.

O Lord, Preserve and Protect Me this Week

Father, You have said that “the sun shall not smite me by day or the moon by night” you said “You will keep me from all evil and none shall come near me” in Jesus name, I ask that Your word of protection will be made manifest in my life.

I call for divine protection, Lord, please keep me safe under Your shadow this week. I ask that You will preserve me and my family from all evil. We won’t experience any evil in all our ways this week in Jesus name.

I pray that the Angels of the Lord will keep guide over me, they will watch over me and keep my feet from falling. I won’t dash my foot against the stone and I triumph gloriously in all my ways. I am protected in You, Lord.

I ask that I and my family be exempted from all evil this week. Our week is incident and accident free. We go out and come back safely. Nothing will harm us and no plaque will come near us.

I pray for divine preservation this week. Lord, please preserve me. No matter what is on my way this week, please, help me overcome it. Help me live above it. Keep me above all trials and temptation this week. I trust You for an itch free week, help me Lord.

If there’s any temptation on my way, Lord please, open my eyes to see a way of escape in Jesus name. Keep me, protect me and let Your grace be sufficient for me and everyone connected to me in Jesus name.

O Lord, Favour Me this Week

Lord, You are the one who lifts a man from the dunghill and sets him up to live with princes, I ask for divine favour to be uplifted this week in Jesus name. I ask that I’ll experience unexpected favour in all my ways this week.

I pray for supernatural favour to live this week. Father, let favour locate me. I ask that among a thousand, Your favour will locate me and place me where I can be easily located in Jesus name. I refuse to miss out of Your divine favour this week, let the floodgates of heaven be open over my life, Lord.

In Jesus name, men see me and favour me. People see me and they are pleased with me to favour me. In complicated situation, I’m exempted from it by favour. I won’t struggle to achieve anything, but favour will lift me up and set me upon my high places.

This week, everywhere I turn to, my dreams receives favour to be accomplished. My family receives favour to excel. We celebrate God’s grace and we will go from glory to glory in Jesus name. From the four wings of the earth, men arise to favour me. They are pleased with me and God place my name on their heart to remember me for good in Jesus name.

O Lord, Provide for Me this Week

As it is written that You will supply all my needs according to Your riches in glory through Christ Jesus, I make a demand on divine provision this week in Jesus name. My needs are met according to Your Words, Lord. I won’t lack anything good.

I pray that everyone in my family will enjoy provision from the throne room. We are highly blessed and we lack nothing good in Jesus name. Help comes for us financially, materially and in every detail of our lives. We will overflow with provision this week and help comes easy for us.

As I go through this week, I ask that everything I’ll need to prosper and succeed, let it be provided to me. Let it fall on me. I receive the delivery of my blessings. I won’t fall out of it in Jesus name.

As the Lord provides for the birds of the air and the fish of the sea, I ask that You will provide for me, Lord. Let me see Your hands in everything I embark on. I ask that my needs won’t weigh me down, but before I ask provision will come in Jesus name.

For you know what I need before I ask for them, Father, I ask this week to bring a manifestation of this to me. I won’t struggle, I won’t be frustrated, I won’t suffer disappointment in any way this week in Jesus name. I end this week with more than enough supply of all that I need.

O Lord, Inspire Me for Success

This week, Lord I receive inspiration for greater success. I know what to do and I do it at the right time in Jesus name. I’m inspired to stand out by the Holy Spirit in Jesus name. This is my week of openness to inspiration and I succeed beyond words.

As it is written “arise, shine for your light is come, and the glory of the Lord is risen upon you…” I declare that I have insight to arise and shine in my business. I arise and shine in my workplace. I arise and shine on the way. I arise and shine among my friends. I arise and shine into success this week in Jesus name.

I declare that I am a city built on the hills, I refuse to be hidden in Jesus name. I’m inspired for success and I succeed in all that I do today. I receive outstanding inspiration to remain at the top in my success story in Jesus name. I won’t be disappointed in myself and in everything I do. I declare success for my life in every area. I won’t be ignorant of schemes and ideas to put in place to remain at the top of my success game in Jesus name.

Father, I pray that I will prosper in everything that I do. You have said that You will bless the works of my hand. I commit the works of my hand to You this week, help me achieve a great height of success today in Jesus name. Let me come back with amazing testimonies to the praise of Your name in Jesus name.

My mind is calm and I pray that Your peace will rest upon me to receive clear instructions for the inspiration of my success. What will take me to another height, I ask that You will open me to it, Lord.

O Lord, Have Mercy on Me

Father, in this new week, I mercy on me. Forgive my shortcomings and heal my life. Forgive me for all my sins and anything that I have done wrong which the devil might want to use against me in Jesus name.

Over my family, Lord I ask that Your mercy speak over us in Jesus name. Let us rejoice in Your majesty and saving grace this week in Jesus name. I ask for Your mercy over my household, let Your mercy rain over us all. Let mercy speak over all members of my family.

O Lord, I seek Your mercy in my life this week, speak to me, Lord. Behold me with mercy and let Your mercy prevail. In my place of work, Lord let mercy prevail. Over my colleague’s, let mercy prevail, over my finances, let mercy prevail.

I pray that the mercy of the Lord will follow me this week. Mercy will surround me and see me through. God will make His mercy stand out in my life. My week will be beautiful by the mercies of God.

O Lord, Heal and Strengthen Me

Father, I can’t do anything of my own except You help me. I have no strength of my own except You fill me up. I need Your strength, help me, Lord. I’m tired and weary, heal me and strengthen me for the week ahead in Jesus name.

I pray that I’ll mount up with wings as eagles, I’ll run and not get tired and I’ll walk and not faint. In Your shadow I hide and I ask for grace, please heal me in Jesus name.

I surrender my weaknesses to You, Lord help me. I don’t want to go into this new week full of myself, hell me with revived strength, Lord. Renew my strength and heal me completely. I look up to You for my perfection, Lord, please come through for me. Turn away every obstacle and let it be to Your glory in Jesus name.

I pray for sufficient grace in my spirit soul and body this week, help me to walk in Your power in Jesus name. I need Your touch, Lord, touch me and change my life. Make it new and transform me for Your praise.

As it is written “heal me and I’ll be healed, save me and I’ll be saved…” I ask for Your healing hands, Lord, this week, heal me and give me strength to get through the week in Jesus name. I ask that You will save my body and soul from every weaknesses this week.

I pray for a way of escape through every plaque of illness and weakness on my way this week, let everything not of You vanish away in Jesus name. I live in sound health and sound mind. I go forth in Your strength, Lord and I refuse every weariness.

Health in my body, health in my mind, health in my spirit this week in Jesus name. I pray that I won’t experience any form of sickness all through. My life is for God’s glory and it remains so this week in Jesus name. I rejoice and celebrate wholeness at all times.

Short Prayer Points for Your New Week

1. As I go this week, I ask for favour in all my ways. I pray I will encounter favour with God and with man in Jesus name.

2. I pray that my ways are blessed. I will not be broken or hurt this week. I pray that I’ll find peace in everything I do and with everyone I meet in Jesus name.

3. I pray for open doors this week, I will experience ease to accomplish my goals for the week. Doors open to me without stress and I receive glorious opportunities that will set me up for success in Jesus name.

4. This week, my life will be for God’s glory. I will see the face of God in all circumstances. Life will make sense for me this week.

5. I commit my family to God’s hands this week, we experience supernatural help in times of need. We are highly blessed for God’s glory.

6. I pray for my family this week, we will be united in love this week. Everyone in my family will love each other and celebrate God’s goodness together.

7. Exploits I ask for this week, Father in Jesus name, please open me up to divide exploits. Let me experience great turn around for exploits this week in Jesus name.

8. What I have been trying to achieve in the past weeks that has been difficult for me, this week I ask that it will come easy for me. I will achieve my dreams this week in Jesus name.

9. I pray that all of God’s promises for my life and family be fulfilled this week. I ask that we will experience overflow of grace this week.

10. As I journey through this week, I pray that my coming in and going out is safe in Jesus name. I will not experience any danger on my way in Jesus name.

11. This week, I pray for the grace to be of help to others. Lord, I ask that You will bless me to be a blessing to others. Pour Your provision on me and let it overflow to the needs of others around me in Jesus name.

12. I pray that this week will speak success for me. My hope will not be cut short and I excel in everything that I lay my hands on to do.

13. I pray for peace of mind this week, Lord please keep me in perfect peace this week. Help me maintain a sound mind and let every anxiety cease in Jesus name.

14. Father, this week I pray that You will help me not to be worried about anything. Help me know that You are in control and please, Lord, guide my heart to positive thoughts in Jesus name.

15. I ask for your mercy over my household today, let Your mercy rest on our lives, Lord. Anywhere we have a need or desire, please Lord, let Your mercy go ahead of us and make a way for us in Jesus name.

16. I plead the blood of Jesus upon my life this week in Jesus name. I ask that the blood of Jesus will speak over my spirit, soul and body this week and my life will praise God in every detail in Jesus name.

17. I refuse bad news this week in Jesus name. No bad news will be announced in my life and in my family. We hear glad and glorious news from each other.

18. I pray that Your sufficient grace will see me through this week. Let it be a week of grace all around. Grace to help me become what You want for my life in Jesus name.

19. This week, I pray for divine helpers. Please, Lord, connect me to divine helpers. People who will establish Your will in my life. People who will set me up for Your greater glory in Jesus name.

20. I pray that I will see Your wonder this week in Jesus name. Let me wonder be made manifest in my life. Let my destiny have a touch of Your wonder. Let it be the beginning of new things in my life.

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