Good Morning Prayers for Him – My Boyfriend

It’s only thoughtful, and outright romantic, to desire that your boyfriend have his day in complete safety and joy by helping him to start it right in God through some good morning prayers for him.

Just so you know, girlfriends that pray for their boyfriends are underrated angels! They are the best a man can ever want in a relationship unlike the ones that start the day nagging and with limitless demands the lover can obviously not meet.

Good Morning Prayers for My Boyfriend
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So, on behalf of the Prayer Fold Group, we want to appreciate your effort to have the best of a relationship, starting from your desire to make sure your lover boy has a wonderful day.

Now… Let’s kick in with the best of good morning prayers and blessings you can say or send to your boyfriend to make his day well spent – the best of morning blessings for him to wake up to.

Long Good Morning Prayers for Your Boyfriend

My heavenly father that answers prayers, I ask and pray in good faith for my boyfriend this morning that today shall be a day of Your blessings, favour, mercy and grace for him. His going out and coming in shall answer to everything good in Jesus name, Amen.

Below are long good morning prayers you can use for your boyfriend today. You can pray the prayers spontaneously.

Morning Prayer of Promotion and Protection for Him

1. As you set out today, may the Lord fill your heart with new songs. May He anoint your head with the oil of gladness. The Lord will go ahead of you to smoothen every path ahead of you. Your helpers of destiny shall be divinely connected to you: nothing good shall be withheld from you. God will reload your life with new testimonies; He will rebrand you for excellence and greatness and He will upgrade your life to a newer and better version. You shall not be relegated or forgotten at your place of work; you shall be relevant and revered. You shall not be overlooked for promotion. The Lord shall clothe you with favour and your star will shine brightly in the sight of your superiors and colleagues. In Jesus’ name, your appraisal shall be super favourable. Your promotion will come with unusual jaw dropping benefits. You shall wax strong, in good health and be of sound mind. The Grim reaper’s sickle shall miss you completely the day it goes out to harvest souls. You will move from heights to heights without falling, by God’s awesome grace. Amen.

Morning Prayer for Employment for Him

2. May the Lord saturate your heart with His love and goodness today and forever. Perfect love casts away fears; I uproot and destroy every fear within your heart. May the peace of God that passes all understanding fill you to the brim. May the Lord prosper you, grant you sound mind, even as your soul prospers. The Lord shall remember you, today. Men and angels shall favour you. Everywhere you’ve submitted your CV to, you shall be called for employment. The job that has the best potential for growth, personal development and career growth, you shall receive a good offer with miraculous emoluments plus benefits, on a platform of favour. Doors of opportunities shall open for you from today. Gates of blessings shall not be shut against you. In the name of Jesus, the Lord shall give you rest from all your troubles and futile toils. You shall be celebrated from today.

Morning Prayer of Blessing for Him Today

3. Today shall be great for you, in Jesus name. The Lord shall open the book of remembrance for your sake. Those who have been holding on to your blessings, shall release them to you, as a matter of urgency. Everything good that you have been expecting, shall be speedily given to you. There shall be no more delays or denials. The Lord shall intervene in your affairs. He will defeat, disappoint, disgrace and destroy all unpleasant experiences in your life. All satanic opposition to the position you desire to attain shall be bulldozed out of your way. The God of grace will give you the power to overcome disgrace. Today, the floodgate of heaven shall open for you, you will experience positive changes in every area of your life. Instead of shame, you shall be greatly honoured. Instead of dismissal, you shall be promoted. Instead of disappointment, you shall be uplifted. You shall burst out for joy, as the Lord gives you beauty for your ashes. Today shall be a turning point; a day you’ll remember for good. God’s immeasurable blessings will be showered upon you, in Jesus name.

Morning Prayer of favour for Him

4. As you step out this morning, may the Lord bring you in contact with people who will make a huge positive impact in your life. Favour shall answer to your name. God will water and watch over your seed. You will reap bountiful harvest and your efforts will not be wasted. You will enjoy the work of your hands. Lines will fall upon you in pleasant places and your lot shall be effortlessly secured. When you need help, favour shall speak for you. The glory of Lebanon shall come into you. The wealth of the gentiles shall be channelled into your coffers. Money shall locate and serve you in an overwhelming dimension. You will never lack anything good from today. The Lord shall give you new names; favoured and preferred. Your name shall be called Hephzibah, and your land, Beulah. Heavens shall be opened on your behalf and there shall be outpouring of showers of blessings upon you from this morning, henceforth, in Jesus mighty name.

5. As you go into today, may you enjoy the dew of favour from heaven. Every confusing matter before you shall become clear. In the name of Jesus, you shall receive unusual insight, understanding and wisdom to solve the problem. Instead of being ridiculed or threatened, you shall be greatly honoured and revered before your colleagues and superiors. Shame and disaster shall be far from you. You will come back home with testimonies, by God’s special grace.

6. You always put a smile in my face; may the Lord cause His face to shine upon you. As you go out today, may you enjoy the dew of favour from heaven. The Lord shall make your life a wealth-attracting magnetic field. Blessings shall be attracted to you. Every confusing matter before you shall become distinctively clear. In the name of Jesus, you shall receive unusual insight, understanding and wisdom to solve problems. Instead of being ridiculed or threatened, you shall be greatly honoured and revered before your colleagues and superiors. Shame and disaster shall be far from you. In Jesus’ name, you will not wake up early, toil hard and sleep late, only to eat the bread of sorrow. The Lord shall bless the work of your hands. You shall have resounding testimonies, by God’s special grace.

Morning Prayer for Exam Success for Him

7. I pray that the Lord shall saturate your heart with peace like a river. I rebuke every spirit of fear and anxiety, in Jesus name. As you study for your exam, I pray that the Lord shall divinely direct you to areas of concentration and give you retentive memory. May He fill you with the right knowledge for each of your papers, understanding and correct interpretation of questions and wisdom to answer them correctly. You shall write this examination with ease, and come out in flying colours. Your papers shall not be downgraded; you shall be favoured. Every examination you will write from today, will be without stress. Your results shall be excellent and relevant. Your certificates shall not become useless. I release God’s grace upon you to acquire every skill, knowledge, certificates and personal/career development programme that will take you to your desire height in life. Resounding success is yours, in Jesus awesome name.

Morning Prayer of Upliftment for Him

8. It shall be a day filled with wonders for you, in Jesus’ name. When others are saying there’s a casting down, you will arise and declare a lifting up in every area of your life. The Lord my God shall be your shield against the storms of life; your shade, from the oppressing heat of afflictions and your strength in times of need. The almighty God will be the lifter up, of your head. Your business shall receive supernatural boosts. Your finances shall receive heaven’s explosive touch of abundance. You shall know no more lack, from today. Your pocket shall no longer be called ‘Lean’. It shall become fat, dripping with overflow of God’s rich blessings. May you not stumble or fall in the race of life. The Lord shall direct your step into prosperous paths. Whatever you lay your hand on, shall prosper in Jesus name. When multitude are saying there’s a casting down for them, then you’ll arise and declare a lifting up. May the Lord direct your steps as you seek His face. May He direct helpers of destiny to you, in every season of your life, today and always, in Jesus mighty name.

Morning Prayer of Safety and Protection for Him

9. I pray today that you will fear not, for the Lord is with you. He shall keep His angels charge of you, you’ll not dash your feet against the stone of error, affliction or oppression. The Lord my God shall keep you as the apple of His eye. I surround you and all that concerns you (life, health, finances, job) with walls of fire and angels. The Lord shall watch over your going out and your coming in. He shall keep you safe from every road, air or domestic mishap. You will not be on the road the day evil is lurking to cause accidents. You shall miss flights of no return. Work hazards will skip you completely. Every trap the enemy set for you, shall be in vain. Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord shall deliver you from them all. Nefarious acts of kidnappers will never come near your dwelling. You shall always dwell in the secret place of the most high and abide under the shadow of the Almighty. The Lord shall be your refuge and your fortress. He will deliver you from the snare of the fowler and the hands of the wicked shall not achieve their enterprise against you. As you put your trust in God, you shall be like mount Zion, whose feet will be secured and not be moved.

Morning Prayer of Mercy and Grace

10. As you go out today, the mercy of God shall encompass you. The grace of God shall engulf you. You will not be put to shame. None of your expectations shall fail, in Jesus name. Every area of your life that has been a source of pain or sorrow; from today, I decree that the mercy of God will change it to sources of joy and blessings. God’s mercy will turn your ashes into beauty; pains into prosperity. Every area of your life where the accuser of destiny is blocking your progress, the mercy of God shall speak for you. God’s grace shall break down every barrier to your breakthroughs. This morning, by the utterances of my mouth, you shall enter the throne of grace and obtain mercy in this time of your needs. God’s love shall overturn every judgement against you. The Lord will speedily respond to your cry for mercy; He will not despise your pleas. By God’s mercy, your health, work, and finances shall not be consumed by evil, in Jesus’ name.

Morning Prayer of Courage for Him

11. It shall be a great day for you. Everything will work out for your good. God will be glorified in every area where you are bothered. Fear not, my love. The Lord is with you; His banner over you is love. Do not be afraid, the God of heaven and earth is your God. In Jesus name, the Lord will uphold and strengthen you by the right hand of His righteousness. Every frightening mountain before you shall be levelled into nothingness. Every shame shall be turned into great honour. Your troubles and tribulations, the Lord shall turn to great testimonies. You shall surmount every mountain of opposition. You are more than conqueror; you are an overcomer. May the Lord give you the courage to be all He wants you to be at all times. May you be courageous to always do the right thing at the right time. May you be bold to stand for what’s right and speak out against what’s wrong. May you be filled with confidence to confront life’s challenges head on. Today, the Lord shall touch and fill you with His light, hope, strength and boldness when you’re weak.

Morning Prayer of Accuracy for Him

12. It shall be well with you today and always. I pray for you today, you shall be like men of Issachar, who know what to do and do it at the right time. May the Holy Spirit quicken your spirit to always know what to do, and work in you to will and to do of God’s good pleasure at the right time. When you call on God for direction or utterance, may you receive clarity of purpose and The Lord shall teach, direct and instruct you. In life’s vital decisions, may the Lord direct your step and take you to the rock that is higher than you. I frustrate every spirit of error, wrong counsels, scamming and dubiousness. I rebuke the spirit of confusion in your work, and spiritual walk. When you need to make vital life’s choices, may the Lord give you the spirit of discernment to make right decisions. When you’re negotiating life’s curve road in any area, may the Lord be your Teacher, telling you the way to go. Your eyes of understanding shall forever be enlightened to know the hope of God’s call in your life. In Jesus’ name, I pray.

13. Today, God shall open your ears to His directives. You shall receive divine direction concerning your business. The Lord will lead you to the miracles He has prepared for you. As you obey Him, your business shall receive His touch for unprecedented success. High net worth customers will rush you from today, as the Lord’s blessings flow into the work of your hands. May He open your eyes every day, to accurately know what to do so that nothing good shall be withheld from you. May the Lord consistently counsel and watch over you. May you receive grace to discern the right thing to do in every season of your life. You shall not walk the path of destruction. You shall not take steps that will lead your business into collapse. The Lord will help you to take decisions and steps that will lead your business into a greater level. He will grant you fresh insight to His divine plans; guide and guard you till you get to your next level of stupendous breakthrough. As you acknowledge the Lord in all your ways, may He direct your path to abundance.

Morning Prayer of Strength and Focus for Him

14. May the clothe you with strength, today. When life’s pressures push you into impossible corners, may the Lord energise you to rise again. When you rise, may He empower you to stand and overcome every opposition. When you’re weary, wary, and hopeless with your energy gone; and the very life is sapped out of you, may the Lord renew your strength and get you back on track. May He strengthen your mind, spirit, body and soul. May you receive grace to finish strong. Everything your hands start; you shall complete successfully. May you receive strength to say No to temptation and Yes to convictions. The Lord will strengthen you from mental exhaustion.

My love (put his name), may you not be distracted in the day of your visitation. May the Lord keep you focused and determined. When you are being pulled in million diverse ways at a time, may God keep you motivated to focus on the right thing till it’s accomplished. The lord shall vanquish distractions from your purview, eliminate attractive distractions and costly mistakes and enable you to concentrate on what is expedient, till you finish well in Jesus name.

Morning Prayer of Divine Help for Him

15. Your help is in the name of the Lord, today. When you call upon Him, the Almighty shall answer you speedily. May He show up when you need His help. May He satisfy you with choice food, finest wine and every desire of your heart.
As you go out this morning, the Lord will go ahead of you to smoothen every crooked path. He will open doors for you, gates of opportunities shall not be shut against you. You shall step out of frustration and obscurity. Miracles shall locate you. Men and angels shall vie to help you. Among your contemporaries, you shall be preferred, in Jesus’ name. Today, you shall be overwhelmed with good tidings, as the Lord raises people to restore all your lost glory.

Good Morning Prayer Messages and Blessings for Him

Dearest boyfriend and best friend, I send this message of love and blessings to you today for a good morning like never before. My prayer is that your lot be extensions of testimonies today and beyond, in Jesus name. Amen.

Enjoyed the sample morning prayer messages and quotes for him above? See 30 more below. You can post on your WhatsApp status or send to him as good morning text.

1. Good morning, my champion. You are not alone, the Lord is with you. God will go ahead of you and be your advocate. He will fight your battles and grant you victory on every side. I rebuke the spirit of fear and release the spirit of courage and sound mind upon you. The battle is of the Lord’s; your case is settled, in Jesus’ name. Enjoy a victorious day!

2. Good morning, love of my life. My heart blesses you today; the Lord shall favour you. As you are always eager to please me, the Lord shall satisfy your desires with good things. You will not experience lack, loss or failure. You shall go out rejoicing and come back with songs of joy, in safety. Your day shall be filled with nonstop testimonies. Have a fruitful day, my heartbeat.

3. Good morning, my heartthrob. May God clothe you with the colourful garment of greatness. Whatever you lay your hands today shall prosper. God will be your ever-present help in trouble; you will not be put to shame. As you pursue your dreams and aspirations this morning, your expectation shall not be cut off, in Jesus’ name. Have a lovely day!

4. Good morning, Mine. May the Lord breathe fresh unction to prosper upon your business. May He revive and restore it to its former glory. From today, the Holy Spirit will cause high net worth clients/customers to patronize you. You’ll experience unprecedented growth with fat bank balance, in Jesus’ name. Have a great day, dearie!

5. Good morning, my treasure. May the Lord bless you from Zion and cause His face to shine upon you. May He answer your cry for mercy and be with you in your time of distress. May God fill your heart with songs of praise. Have a marvelous day!

6. Good morning, Sugarplum. The Lord shall season the work of your hands and decorate it with excellence. May all you do today meet with favour in the sight of men and angels. You shall go forth in joy and return with songs of praise. Have a lovely day!

7. Good morning, sweetie puff. May the Lord remove the heavy yoke of burden upon your neck. I pray for you this morning that the peace of God that passes all understanding shall rest upon you. In the name of Jesus, God will grant you divine wisdom and special grace to tackle every challenge that comes your way today. Have a blissful day, sweet!

8. A beautiful morning to you, Handsome. May all your past good deeds speak for you today. May God not remain silent concerning your matter. The Glory of Israel will not forsake you; He will help you and gladden your heart. It’s your season of rejoicing, my champion.

9. Good morning, my heartbeat. Your light shall shine brighter and brighter from today. The Lord will open doors of opportunities for you, that you’ll return home rejoicing. Your testimony shall last in Jesus’ name. You’re blessed,Honey.

10. Good morning, my Delight. I pray for you today, the Lord shall perfect your healing. Jehovah Raphael will do what the doctors found impossible. May the healing dew of heaven heal you of every physical, spiritual and financial ailment. Your testimony shall be permanent in Jesus name.

11. Good morning, sweetie. As you go out today, the joy of the Lord is your strength. His glory shall be your rear guard. Your miracle job will locate you, and an appointment of unusual benefits shall be effortlessly handed over to you. You’ll return home rejoicing, in Jesus’ name. Have a grand day!

12. May the Lord bless the work of your hands and bring you into prominence. I destroy every garment of obscurity on you, in Jesus’ name. Your glory shall shine forth like the morning star. May your story change for good from today. You shall struggle no more. Good morning, my treasure. Have a lovely day.

13. Good morning, throb and throttle of my heart. Today, the wisdom that produces amazing and enduring results shall be your constant companion. With ease, you shall work and bring forth outstanding results. Every door you knock shall be speedily opened for you, in Jesus’ name. You’re blessed!

14. Good morning, my precious. You will not wake up early, sleep late, and eat the bread of sorrow. The Lord will bless your substance with bountiful harvest. He will lift you up and of your increase, there shall be no end from today. Have a great day!

15. Good morning, Treasure. God is your refuge, strength and shield; your ever-present help in trouble. He is your glory and the lifter up of your head. The name of the lord shall be a strong tower to you. As you run to Him today, you shall be saved. Have no fear, dearest. God has your back, always.

16. Good morning, Sugarplum. May the Lord give you rest from all your troubles. May His peace permeate your heart and entire being. When the enemy comes against you like a flood, the Spirit of God shall raise a standard. It shall be well with you from today.

17. Good morning, my love. From today, God’s mercy shall speak for you. The Lord will still the song of the ruthless and silence the uproar of the oppressor. Affliction shall not arise against you a second time. The host of heaven will fight for you and give you a resounding victory, in Jesus name.

18. For God sit enthroned forever, His renowned endures through all generation, He will arise and show you His compassion. Dear Lord, the time has come for you to show my love, your favour. The set and appointed time is here. Fulfill all your words to him; none must fall to the ground, in Jesus name. Good morning, my Gem.

19. Good morning, Handsome. May the Lord go ahead of you to smoothen every crooked path. May God’s presence be with you all through the day. May you succeed in all you lay your hands upon and escape the snare of the evil one. It shall be well with you today and always.

20. Good morning, sweetie. May God’s peace saturate your soul, keep you focused with keen and clear mind. The Lord shall guide and direct your action into the path of excellence. You shall be efficient, effective, and celebrated. Your outstanding performance shall be recognised and rewarded with rapid promotion, in Jesus’ name.

21. Good morning, my shining star. Today, your glory will shine as bright as the sun. Whatever you lay your hands upon shall prosper, in Jesus name. May the Lord direct your step and cause His peace to envelope your whole being. Have an amazing day, my darling.

22. Good morning, my sweetheart. The Lord shall give you a new song. He’ll frustrate every evil gang up against you. God will be your defence, fortress and vindication. The Lord will secure your destiny and grant you resounding victory, in Jesus name.

23. Good morning, love. As you go for that interview, you shall be singled out for employment. God shall clothe you the garment of excellence. Your performance shall be outstanding. You’ll come home return home rejoicing.

24. Top of the morning to you, dearie. It shall be well with you. I bless your going out and your coming in. I command the day to be good to you from morning to night. Whatever that is unfavourable or evil, the day will reject on your behalf. You’re mightily blessed!

25. Good morning, love of my life. Today is the day the Lord has made, you’ll rejoice and be glad in it. I command the wind of favour to blow every of your blessings to you, with ease, today. I decree that the wind of God will blow away your troubles, in Jesus name.

26. Good morning, my darling. May the Lord satisfy your desires with good things. May you accomplish all you set out to do today. May the Lord bless and keep you safe and well, now and always. Have a splendid day.

27. Good morning, love. I commit you into God’s able Hands. I cast your concerns and cares unto Him; may He give you peace and confidence. As you focus solely on God’s plans and power, may He give you unwavering faith to convince you nothing is impossible with Him. None of your expectations shall fail, in Jesus name.

28. Good morning, my heartthrob. I commit you into God’s hands. May the Lord intervene in this matter that troubles you. The Lord shall help you to stand strong, unbroken and unshaken. He will give you peace and joy. You shall come back with testimonies, in Jesus name.
Have a winsome day, love!

29. The Lord will provide for you, dearest. You’ll not be put to shame nor suffer any humiliation. Help will come your way from Him that do not disappoint. The Lord will show up for you and turn your mourning into rejoicing. It is well with you. Good morning, God’s favourite.

30. Good morning, my Hero. As you set out today, the Lord will be with you. May He direct and order your steps aright and give you double for all your troubles. All your activities today shall end with unparalleled joy, in Jesus name. Have an awesome day!

Short Good Morning Prayer Points for Him

When you want to pray some spontaneous prayers for your boyfriend (or your future husband) these short good morning prayers for him are your best shots. Make his daily success, testimonies, peace, breakthrough and victory possible with these 30 Prayers to prayer for your boyfriend or husband every day.

1. Because it’s of the Lord’s mercy we are not consumed (Lamentation 3:22), I pray today that the mercy of God shall speak for you wherever you turn and in all you do.

2. So, let us come boldly to the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy and grace in time of need Heb 4:16. Today, God’s mercy shall overturn every evil judgement against you.

3. The steps of the righteous are ordered by the Lord: Psalm 37:23. The Lord shall guide your action into the path of excellence and direct your steps to doors of great opportunities.

4. A man’s life is not his own; it’s not for him to direct his steps: Jeremiah 10:23. Today, the Lord shall direct your steps according to His perfect will for your life.

5. The name of the Lord is a strong tower; the righteous run into it and are safe: Proverbs 18:10. The Lord shall protect you from every evil and deliver you from the wicked.

6. When my enemies and foes attack me, they will stumble and fall: Psalm 27:2b. Today, your foes shall fall for your sake. Those who seek to destroy you, shall be destroyed.

7. The Lord will rebuild Zion and appear in His glory: Psalm 102:16. The Lord will rebuild the shattered pieces of your life. He will restore all you have lost.

8. When the Lord restores the captive to Zion, we were like those who dreamed: Psalm 126:1. The Lord shall perform wonders in your life to restore everything you have lost.

9. The Lord lift up His countenance on you, and give you peace: Number 6:26. The Lord will watch over you, bless you beyond your imagination and give you peace.

10. The peace of God that passes all understanding shall keep your heart and mind: Philippians 4:7. I speak the overwhelming peace of God into your troubled heart and situation.

11. The blessings of God, it makes rich, and He adds no sorrow to it: Proverb 12:22. The Lord shall bless you stupendously, without a struggle and it’ll be trouble-free.

12. The Lord bless and keep you; make His face to shine upon you and be gracious to you: Numbers 6: 24. The Lord shall bless you. You’ll shine forth like the morning star. By His grace, you’ll struggle no more.

13. It is God that gives you the ability to produce wealth: Deut 8:18. The lord shall give you power to become wealthy. He’ll bless the work of your hands mightily.

14. When men are cast down, you shall say, there’s lifting up: Job 22:29. In the day of adversity, you shall be lifted up. You shall not be cast down or put to shame.

15. Do not be afraid; you’ll not suffer shame. Do not fear disgrace, you’ll not be humiliated: Isaiah 54:4. Today, you’ll suffer no shame. God will frustrate every plan to disgrace you.

16. When the enemy comes against like a flood, the Spirit of God shall raise a standard against Him: Isaiah 59: 19. The Lord shall be your staunch defence against the onslaught attack of the evil one.

17. No weapon forged against you will prevail: Isaiah 54:17. Today, God will render every weapon of warfare the enemy fashioned against you, useless and powerless.

18. You will arise and have compassion on Zion; it’s time to show favour. The set time has come: Psalm 102:13. Today, God shall be compassionate to you and fulfill His promises. None of His words shall fail.

19. To open doors before you, so that gates will not be shut: Isaiah 45:1. Today, God will open doors of employment for you. By divine connection, you’ll secure a good job.

20. The Lord is my light and my salvation, whom shall I fear? Psalm 127:1. When the darkness of fear overwhelms you, the light of God’s victory shall release from its evil grip.

21. Fear not, I am with you. Be not afraid, I am your God. I will strengthen and help you: Isaiah 41:10. Today, God’s mighty presence shall destroy all your fears. He’ll help you in your time of distress.

22. Do not grieve, for the joy of the Lord is your strength: Nehemiah 8: 10. Today, you’ll know no sorrow. The joy of the Lord shall be your strength in the face of challenges.

23. You’ll win favour and high regard in the sight of God and man: Prov 3:4. In your appraisal today, your excellent performance shall be rewarded. You’ll be singled out for promotion.

24. For promotion comes not from the east, west nor south; but God is the judge: Prov 75:6. For all your hardwork and diligence, the Lord shall judge you worthy of the next level upgrade.

25. Commit your work to the Lord, and your plans shall be established: Proverbs 16:3. Today, I commit your job and side hustles into God’s hands, He shall prosper your ways.

26. The Lord will satisfy your desires with good things, dear boyfriend. May you accomplish all you set out to do today. May the Lord bless and keep you safe, now and always.

27. The desire of the righteous, shall be granted: Prov 10:24. The Lord will grant the desires of your heart; none of your expectations shall fail.

28. And that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him: Heb 11:6. Today, the Lord shall remember your diligence and faithfulness; and bless you tremendously.

29. Lord my God, I called to you for help, and you healed me: Ps 30:2. The Lord shall hearken to your cry and heal you totally; from the crown of your head to the toes of your feet.

30. Come to me all who are weary and burdened, I will give you rest: Matthew 11:28. When you seek the face of God today, He shall be your succor, support, solution and saviour.

Good Morning Prayer Quotes with Images for Him

1. Good morning, my Candy Crush. May the Lord cause you to dwell in safety today.

2. Have a swell day, Handsome; knowing well that God is with you.

3. Good morning, my heart’s sole delight. Go ahead and walk in God’s unwavering mercy today!

4. Good morning, my precious love. I pray today shall be a precious than all days.

5. Good morning, my precious gem. May you be a precious entity before all men today.

6. Good morning, my Sunshine. I pray your light shall appear and shine before men today to favour you.

7. Have a grand day, love. You are blessed in God and in all you set your heart to do today!

8. Good morning, my dearest. I pray you shall be prefered above your peers today!

9. Good morning, my pumpkin. Rejoice, for God’s got your back today!

10. Have a wonderful day, love! And remember that God loves you above all challenges.

11. Good morning, my Prince Charming. Enjoy today in God!

12. You are set for greater testimonies today. Have an awesome day, dearie!

13. Have an amazing day, my precious, and trust that today will end in praise for you!

14. Darling, you are the blessed of God, regardless of every limitation out there today!

15. Good morning, my dearest husband. May today be another day of God’s unending favour for you.

16. I wish you the very best of today in God, Honey.Have a good day, I pray!

17. You are rising above every challenge of today; Have an awesome day, love!

18. Good morning, my Sunshine! Do arise and shine in God’s love today.

19. A beautiful morning to you in God’s sovereignty, my Sugar pie.

20. A wonderful morning to you, my heart delight. Enjoy it in God.

I hope you have enjoyed the good morning prayers for him.

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