Bride Groom’s Wedding Day Prayers

Wedding bells, Wedding flowers, Wedding dresses, and food… Wedding day means different things to both the bride and the groom, but, first, let me say a big congratulations to you and your amazing bride. Many think the groom has no impact on the whole process and arrangement, they believe the groom’s duty during wedding preparation is a workover and most things rests on the shoulders of the bride, but I dare to say I strongly disagree. If the scriptures say the man is the head of his wife on the home front, that duty doesn’t only take effect after the marriage vows have been taken.

The groom begins to lead, direct and secure his bride from the day both families agreed that both love birds can knot the tie of love. So dear groom, you are here today because you are not just a man by words but by action and spirit! You are seeking prayers to ensure that your wedding day is well catered for, especially in the spirit. Your bride is so lucky to have you.

You, my dear reader, should take these prayers whether your wedding is today, or days away, or you may even have come across this prayer after you have concluded your wedding, you are still not out of place. It may even be your friend, brother, or son that is the lucky groom.

Just customise this bride groom’s wedding day prayers to suit your present situation and spread the covering of Christ over this beautiful marriage.

1. Groom’s Wedding Day Thanksgiving Prayer

Lord Jesus, Creator of the heavens and earth, thank you for the dawning of this beautiful day. In fact, this is the most amazing day of my life. Today, I take the love of my life down the aisle, I marry the woman in whom my heart delights. Take you Jesus for making my wedding day a reality.

Lord, I must say, I never knew we will make it this far. I never knew our love will be strong enough to weather all the storms of our love relationship. Today, I stand with my hands and heart lifted to the throne of the King of kings and the Lord of lords, and I am now in deep gratitude. Thank you, Lord, for making my wedding day a reality.

You dear Lord, deliver my pretty bride today from the desire of the enemy. You in your abundant mercy saved my life and brought both of us together. You gave us the will to see the future in ourselves, thank you, Lord.

Thank you dear Jesus that we pick today as the date for our wedding and it is coming to reality. Even if many things came up that threaten the possibility of having this wedding today, you in your divine wisdom made today come true. You surrounded us with wonderful parents, family members, and invaluable friends who have made sacrifices great and small to make today a success.

As you have made my relationship with the prettiest girl in the universe work out perfectly and I am taking her as my wife a few hours from now, you will also make my marriage with her a huge success in the name of Jesus. Finally, I thank you Lord that as I am stepping into this day with thanks, I will finish it with abundant praises with my darling wife beside me in the name of Jesus.

2. Groom’s Wedding Day Prayer for Strength

The long-promised day has finally come dear Lord, and it is feeling a bit awkward. Jesus, I can’t explain the way I feel to anyone, but I know you understand me perfectly. I remember the way you told your father to make the cup pass over you if possible. Lord, that’s exactly how I feel right now.
It is not that I don’t love my sweet wife to be, but many thoughts that I haven’t taken before are bombarding my mind. I wish I can take a break. But Lord, I am not here to complain, but to ask for your mercy to go through today well in the name of Jesus.

Help me to trust in you and your mercy to make my marriage work with the lovely bride of mine today. I have seen so many marriages that hit the rock in a few years, I have seen some that took a while for their boat to capsize, yet I can see some who said you are the reason why there is still rocking hot with love and peace. I pray that your divine mercy will fill my heart with faith to go through today in the name of Jesus.

I receive the strength that comes from the light of your knowledge in the name of Jesus. let every fear and weariness disappear from my heart and mind in the name of Jesus. as I look into my bride’s eyes let your reassuring grace flow between us and swallow every wave of fear and doubt in the name of Jesus.

3. Groom Wedding Day Prayer for Protection

My Lord and my God, you have blessed our family with lovely relatives. Most are on their way to this wedding ceremony now. I pray that your hand will be upon them for good in the name of Jesus. I pray that today, my wedding day will be accident-free in the name of Jesus. I cancel every accident whether major or minor in the name of Jesus.

Send your angels to be on guard to keep everyone who is coming to join in our joy today in the name of Jesus. Grab any messenger of evil by the jugular, who intends to wreak havoc on my family, friends, and guests and throw such person into the abyss of hell today in the name of Jesus.

The protection of the Almighty God is upon all my wedding guests coming from far or near in the name of Jesus. no matter the mode of travel, they are kept and preserved from accidents, kidnapping, or any kind of perils of traveling in the name of Jesus.

I pray that there will be no accident too on the wedding ground in the name of Jesus. everyone working for the success of our wedding day is protected by heaven in the name of Jesus.

4. Groom’s Wedding Day Prayer for Provision

Lord, I know I have spent so much, yet there are still some things I am trusting you in your mercy to help me sort out before the day comes to an end. I am praying for provision for every need during my wedding in the name of Jesus.

Lord Jesus, you are my provider, I declare that your grace is sufficient for me. You shall supply all my needs according to your riches in glory on this day in Jesus name. father, you have provided for me through all this time, today will not be an exception in the name of Jesus.

Your word says I should ask and it shall be given unto me; so I am asking for provision for all the things we still need to sort out some last minute events. Some people are already calling me, expecting me to credit their accounts before some necessary things are done, dear Lord, send your angel to stir the waters of provision around me.

Let the north wind blow towards the south while the east does the same to the west and bring provisions to me in the name of Jesus.

5. Groom’s Wedding Day Prayer for Favour

Lord, help me find favour in the eyes of everyone who sets their eyes on me today in the name of Jesus. Many of my bride’s family members have not seen me, they’ve only heard about me. I pray that your mercy will go before me and I will find favour before my in-laws, especially in the name of Jesus.

Silence all voices of accusation from the devil in the name of Jesus. As my in-law and distant family members see me, let your glory and favour envelop me like never before. Just as Joseph found favour before Pharaoh, bless my bride and myself with great favour before all men in the name of Jesus.

I declare that our wedding will be a huge success as family, friends, guests and acquaintances will work to ensure the smooth running of everything by the power of your grace in the name of Jesus. The power of life will govern the atmosphere are incapacitate every negative vibe even before it spreads in the name of Jesus.

6. Groom’s Wedding Day Prayer for Well-Wishers and Supporters

Lord, you are my help in time of need. I pray that your abundant blessings will be upon all the persons you have used to bless me this day. many people have stood up for me, they have gone out of their way to make today a success, I can never repay them, so I pray that you will bless them beyond their imaginations in the name of Jesus.

May their lives be pleasant on all sides. As they have stood for my bride and myself, may heaven stand on their behalf. May they never lack helpers and supporters when they truly are in need.

7. Groom’s Wedding Day Prayer for New Bride

Oh Lord God bless my beautiful bride this amazing morning. Bless this adorable one who puts constant joy in my heart and her thought makes me smile. Fill her heart with peace that passes all human understanding in Jesus name.

Fill her with love that dissolves doubts and fears. Warm any cold of insecurity for the future with the fire of the holy ghost in the name of Jesus. I declare great grace over the love of my life in the name of our Lord Jesus.

As you are being adorned this morning to meet me your husband, the Lord will adorn your life with all the beautiful things you desire today in the name of Jesus. You are beautiful within and without my beloved, as you bask in the joy of being wedded today, nothing will alter, colour, or dent your joy in the name of Jesus.

Anyone who looks upon you for evil is judged by heaven. The thunder of the Holy Ghost strikes down anyone who calls your name for evil. Today is sacred and purified in the name of Jesus.

8. Groom’s Wedding Day Prayer for Wisdom

Bless me Jesus with wisdom to make this marriage work. Today, we knot the tie of our love, I receive great enlightenment to know how to order our lives according to the will of the Lord. I desire my marriage to be a source of encouragement to believers and unbelievers around me. Lord, I do not intend to be competitive but I know that to be the head of this brilliant woman takes so much wisdom, so I pray that you will unveil your will for us in marriage as we seal this love union today in the name of Jesus.

James 1:5 says that If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you. I stretch forth my hands to the King of kings and the Lord of lords in humble request, I do not have the wisdom of living as I ought. I have seen some great men in the manner of their lives and heights of their insights, I know I have a great depth of lack within, fill me up with your wisdom in the name of Jesus.

Fill me with grace to know something about everything as a husband. I know I also need the wisdom to run my household under the governance of Christ in the name of Jesus.

You my amazing reader are a wonderful person. if you are the groom, you definitely are the best for your bride. and if you are a well wisher, taking these bride groom’s wedding day prayers for the groom, you rock! and I proclaim the blessings of heaven over you and yours. You can also like Bride’s Wedding Day Prayers. You will not be disappointed.

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